Is dating a pilot a bad idea?

Is dating a pilot a bad idea?

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  1. Absolutely not bad! It’s fabulous!
    There are many advantages, especially if you marry one, and I have the perfect background to explain that answer, so here goes.
    I flew professionally in the USAF, corporate jets, and for a major schedule US airline. And (and the “and” is the important part here) I was once engaged to an airline pilot.
    She and I both flew for the same major US airline, which was on its merry way out of business. She was 10 years younger than I and still full of starry-eyed joy about flying for a living. I was done with the whole thing and had zero interest in starting over at the bottom of another seniority list. She went to another airline.
    As I pondered the idea of being married to an airline pilot while not being one myself I thought of all of these advantages:
    * They would make excellent money (you can tell this was many years ago, and it’s not so true today that your airline pilot partner/spouse will make good money). So, let’s say “could” make excellent money.
    * You get to fly free without having to put up with the annoyances of flying for a living.
    * And when you do fly free, you’ll really be happy to be flying because traveling will not be just like work to you.
    * You get a lot of time alone at home to do as you please while they’re zipping all over the country and/or planet.
    * Marriages are stronger if you spend significant amounts of time apart. (This is just my personal observation, but I speak from the experience of four marriages and I heartily endorse each spouse having plenty of alone time.)
    * You’ll have joyous (and fun) reunions about once a week when they come back from a tr…

  2. Well, let me put it this way……
    How do you know when your date with the pilot is half over?
    When he says, “OK, enough about me… let’s talk about airplanes!”

  3. My wonderful wife of over 40 years now, not only dated me as a military fighter pilot, but she also married me as one. (she later married me once again, but that is another story.). After flying for the military we stayed happily married while I continued as a commercial airline pilot until my retirement. That was far easier, since as an airline pilot I would be away only a few days at a time, instead of eight or more months as a Naval Aviator.
    It has been a wonderful and exciting life for both of us, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. It has its disadvantages, but also has some great advantages. Most every day we reflect on our lives together, on how they were unique and not without challenges, but mostly how much fun we had with our two different careers mixing perfectly.
    When my daughter was younger, I told her (half jokingly) to never date a professional baseball player, or a pilot. Today she is a pilot, and she is dating another pilot…and I am just fine with that.
    It’s the guy that matters, far more than his profession.

  4. The wonderful lady in this picture certainly do not think so.

    Is dating a pilot a bad idea?

    When we started out dating, Raya would often tell me that she sometimes forgets that I am a pilot. And honestly, that is what it is. Pilots are human beings and we are as normal as it gets. I do not even remember the last time me and my girlfriend really talked about aviation or flying. At times I would, but she gets bored of it quite quickly. My profession has very little (probably nothing) to do with my relationship.
    As for how much time a pilot can invest in a relationship, well, that depends on the person. Me and Raya are not even in the same country at the moment. She is in abroad for her studies and her time zone is 3 hours ahead of mine. With my at times busy schedule you would think that we would not be able to give much time to each other. But we do, we really do. We call each other everyday and we have a very active chat log. A good relationship has very little to do with what you do or how busy you are. It is all about commitment and how much you really love each other.
    Dating a pilot is, in my opinion not a too shabby idea. That is, if you are lucky enough to get one.

  5. I have been flying airplanes for many years. I claim to be a pilot. I tried to become first officer regional jet airline pilot.
    In my training, I got the chance to meet and interact with many professional pilots, both men and women. They all, almost without exception, exemplified what I consider to be the finest human characteristics imaginable. People that I wanted to be like, people I wanted to be with. Members of a club I wanted to join.
    Smart, calm, confident people with the skills to pay the bills.
    It all depends on what you want in a mate. The pilots of today might seem a little on the quiet side. Studious types. We avoid DUI. We go to bed early because we get up early. We avoid drugs because we get drug tests. Mostly we don’t drink a lot. Loud music hurts our ears and we drive within the speed limit. If we want to go fast, we have a way to do that. Mach 0.77? Not gonna happen in a car.
    A very important part of the job of a pilot is maintaining their health, and managing fatigue. If a pilot seems eager to go to bed, maybe they are thinking about sleep. Successful pilots have a lot of self confidence. They tend to make decisions and not change their minds very much after they decide something.
    Professional airline pilots are gone from home a lot. If that sounds like a bad deal, try someone else.

  6. Probably, but it depends on the person. No but in all seriousness how needy of a partner are you. A commercial pilot will most likely not be home for birthdays,holidays,etc. they will be away from home for weeks at a time and when they are home will be exhausted. It’s basically a long distance relationship where the other person still technically lives with you every couple of days.

  7. It’s a ferociously bad idea. I used to tell our new hire flight attendants, “Girls, stay away from the pilots. We’re unfaithful, we’re fickle and we’re cheap.”


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