Is coffee, sugar, and olive oil good for a face scrub?

Is coffee, sugar, and olive oil good for a face scrub?

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  1. Good for back , feet , elbows knees etc
    for face and neck use the mildest one , with well rounded particles so that the skin doesn’t get damaged . Or simple take oat meal. honey and curd. Mix and Apply for 7 to 10 minutes and then scrub with wet fingers and wash off

  2. Hello,
    No, because the granules of sugar can be harsh on the skin, that can irritate the skin. It’s a big no especially if you have acne prone skin. Hence the scrub can be abrasive for the face.
    If you still want to use a sugar scrub, you can powder the sugar to avoid irritation.
    And if you have oily skin, olive oil can clog your pores leading to acne breakout.
    However, you can use co…

  3. You are overcomplicating thing!!!!
    Good grief….coffee. sugar and olive oil???
    No, no, and no!!!
    Keep it simple and save time and money..
    I’m a retired makeup artist and taught for many years. For over forty years, yeah, I’m old!!! Lol
    I taught, and use the following method.
    A great exfoliation item is baking soda!!!!
    After cleansing, pour some into the palm of your hand and slowly add water until it forms a paste….then gently massage onto your face starting at the forehead and working your way down….nose, cheeks etc.
    Go over your face three times then rinse with running water….1st warm then cool.
    Blot dry then apply WITCH HAZEL instead of fancy overpriced toners!!
    Then your moisturizer…
    Been doing this for many years and love it…so have many of my pupils!!
    So enjoy!!!
    Its effective and economical too and does the job!!
    Please remember also to NEVER USE EXTREMES OF HOT OR COLD WATER ON FACE OR BODY just comfortably warm or cool!!!!
    And in the long run, think of the money you’ll save!!!

  4. No…they are too abrasive for skin.better you use chemical exfoliator. It exfoliates better and won’t create tiny scars on your can use lactic acid,mandelic acid or glicolic acid.

  5. While coffee helps with exfoliating and moisturising the skin, a coffee-based scrub can be made even more potent by adding olive oil to it . Olive oil helps hydrate the skin, repair damaged skin tissues, revitalise and strengthen skin’s tonicity and It is an antioxidant that Combats ageing use Mamaearth CoCo Face Scrub it is the much-needed addition to your skincare regimen. It gently exfoliates the skin from deep within while unclogging pores, getting rid of sun tan, and removing dead skin. 💕😊

  6. Yes, a moisturising scrub can be made using olive oil and salt or sugar. You may also make a cleansing scrub by combining olive oil and salt. Sugar hydrates the skin while also containing an alpha hydroxy acid that aids in the breakdown of dead skin cells.


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