Is Coffee Meets Bagel worth it?

Is Coffee Meets Bagel worth it?

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  1. Theres gonnabe bad reviews about every site u go on honestly…im with someone now that i met off of plenty of fish(pof) and i love her to death and ppl have said that pof is a piece of crap site…i was on all those commerical dating site like eharmony,ok cupid,match,zoosk paying for memberships and i found someone on the site that had the worse rating of all (pof)
    All im saying is give it a shot cuz you juss never know who you will meet

  2. We tried the site and did not think it was worth it. There are a few great sites with a 10 dollar a month membership which gives you better results.

  3. Adding to other good answers.
    I’ve personally gone through a phase, and tried free/paid. – As an experiment, it was kind interesting, as you saw similar faces in many other apps/sites.
    To the point – Worth, is always an subjective word to use.
    Me personally, yes it was “worth” it, because I actually matched, chatted, and met a few. None of them actually worked for me, but I actually met them. Compare that to let’s say Tinder, I’ve tried swiping all my swipes, and matched with maybe 5, chatted with 2, met with none. From my time, moral, effort point of view, Tinder has been a waste of time. (and time has value to me)
    If your asking purely from money point of view, yes, you have free options (Tinder, for some people really work, POF, works as well, from what I’ve heard), but often, these apps has a cost in terms of swiping, and sifting through bad matches. If you enjoy that process, it’s not a cost to you, but for me, I found those a huge waste of time.
    As another answer said, I reckon, just give it a shot. If you can’t spare $30 for a potential to match up with someone important, maybe finding someone isn’t that much of a priority. 🙂
    Good luck.

  4. I would say it’s more genuine that most of the other free Dating sites.
    When it first started to get popular, I would say it was better since there weren’t many people on it. Now I feel like there’s way too many people on it and likely a hell of a lot more guys than girls.
    Despite that if you’re not just looking to hook but rather to date and find a relationship, I think it’s a good way to meet people.


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