Is coffee flavour e liquid safe?

Is coffee flavour e liquid safe?

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  1. Liquids are not all manufactured by the same company, and so it is hard to generalize.
    I am much more inclined to trust liquid made by smaller, higher quality brands that are by and for vapers, as opposed to mass-produced mystery companies that one might find in gas stations or online for too-good-to-be-true prices with generic labels, and I certainly do not trust liquid made by tobacco companies.
    A company run by and for vapers is much more likely to care about quality and ingredients, as they often use it themselves. A company just trying to turn a profit is less likely to care about the health of their customers.

  2. The term ‘safe’ is best avoided when discussing something like vaping, which only has an 11 year history at Q4 2016.
    There is no data on whether anything is safe, or safer, or whatever. We know it is a lot safer than smoking but that’s as far as it is possible to go right now. In 2025, 20-year data will be available and this will give a preliminary guide to what the real data from 30 year’s study at 2035 will eventually tell us.
    What we know about coffee flavourings so far is that coffee flavour for cakes should be avoided as it contains a significant quantity of brown dye, in order to colour your coffee cake as well as flavour it. There is no sense in inhaling any form of colouring.
    Coffee flavours designed to be inhaled in e-liquid, by suppliers such as FlavourArt in Italy, have only the minimum number of flavours and no colouring: they are clear liquids .
    This is one of the reasons why ‘natural flavours’ or ‘naturally extracted flavours’ are not necessarily as advantageous as the sales copy tends to state – they may contain a number of compounds that it may be unwise to inhale (at least, in large quantities over an extended period of time). A synthetic flavour (in theory) just contains the compound or compounds that create the flavour, and nothing else.
    So as far as coffee flavour goes, make sure to choose one that is a clear liquid, not one that looks like coffee. As to whether it is ‘safe’ or not, come back in 30 years. It’s safer than smoking, but then again pretty much anything is. Smoking is playing Russian roulette with 2 rounds loaded, vaping is playing Russian roulette with a table piled up with revolvers and only one round loaded in one of them somewhere.
    So far we know that vaping over 11 years results in no significant health impact and no deaths; and that number is most unlikely to increase any time soon. COPD Stage 1, reversible, is another matter, though – enough people vaping enough dark coffee flavour for enough years at high enough temperatures and we could guess there will be some instances of minor lung issues.

  3. Yes, coffee flavor e liquid safe. All the eliquids sold at are made from organic and natural materials by FDA approved facility in the California, US. We maintain these guidelines and sell eliquids that are completely safe to consume and helps buyers in keeping away from the sellers who deals in cheap and synthetic ones.


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