Is black coffee usually done without sugar?

Is black coffee usually done without sugar?

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  1. Yes
    black coffee is just plain black coffee
    you can order coffee with sugar
    coffee with sugar & cream
    or hundreds of other variations but if you just order black coffee, you get just black coffee

  2. Whatever other people think black coffee means, it actually just means without any kind of milk.
    Black coffee is black coffee. Sugar is sugar. The two aren’t the same thing, but they’re also not mutually exclusive.
    Given that I have lots of times heard, “black coffee, no sugar” denotes that of course you can put sugar in it. Some people take it with sugar. That is black coffee (yes still the same words, still the same drink) but with sugar added!
    If you’re wondering how to serve it’s for others, it is without sugar (as any tea or coffee is) unless sugar is requested. Generally you would anyway have sugar available to someone receiving your hospitality and it’s up to the person if they want to add it (meaning you also can’t get the amount wrong and ruin their drink).
    If you’re wondering how to drink it yourself, then it’s totally up to you. With or without sugar, whichever you prefer at any time.
    Black coffee with sugar is something else entirely, but I’m sure that people who take it with sugar will also think that “without sugar it is something else entirely”!
    I don’t particularly like black coffee with sugar myself but on the other hand there have been times when I have needed something unusually to bring me around. I’ve just had a mug of black coffee with a drop each of two food essences – Madagascaran Vanilla and French Almond. This was particularly good though, without sugar as such but with sugar as well. I’m going to have another again, actually.

  3. In the States, black coffee is coffee without cream, sugar or any other additions. By definition, it is without the sugar.
    I’ve visited other places where sugar is as a default component as the ground coffee. In those places, black coffee just means no milk or cream was added.

  4. Not necessarily. After all the color of the coffee is still going to be black once the sugar is added. Black coffee simply means coffee without milk or cream.

  5. Black coffee is generally used by people as a metabolism booster to lose weight while following a diet plan or before going to the gym to workout more efficiently. It depends upon you, if you like black coffee and consumes it just for taste then you can have it with sugar but if you are someone who consumes it for health purpose then consume it without sugar.

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  6. Depends on location. In some places, black coffee means it contains no milk or sugar. In some places, it means there’s no milk but it still contains sugar.

  7. Black coffee plus anything else is no longer black coffee. So no, it is not. Feel free to adulterate your coffee as you see fit, but I have put serious efforts into getting my family to appreciate the bean’s flavor so that the full flavor can be appreciated. Adding sugar or cream steers the flavor towards a dessert and covers the subtleties. But to each their own. Enjoy what you like.


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