Is black coffee healthier than regular coffee with cream and sugar?

Is black coffee healthier than regular coffee with cream and sugar?

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  1. Cream is healthy, very healthy. Coffee is a stimulant, not unhealthy per se.
    A lot of people mistakenly think food that is high in calories are somehow bad, it isn’t. Cream is chick full of vitamins and other much needed minerals, protein and more.
    You also just can’t overeat cream. Just drink a full cup of cream, without sugar and additives, you will probably feel full quite quickly.
    Sugar on the other hand is something you can overeat, and when you add sugar to just about anything, you can overeat it dramatically, including cream.
    So, black coffee is ok, cream is healthy, together they are great. Sugar, try to use it in very low quantity, or skip it.
    Coffee isn’t just coffee. Every brand is different, learn to enjoy coffee for what it is. Some taste horrible (star bucks) while others just make your taste buds sing of joy.
    Add sugar, and it just, well, tastes like sugar.
    Try black coffee with some full cream and it is sweet and good.
    No sugar needed

  2. Yes, black coffee is better for you. I drink it without cream or sugar. Adding cream and sugar, adds calories and fat.
    Drink coffee the way it was meant to be drunk. Only black.

  3. I would vote for black coffee. Effectively no calories and it’s many drinker’s largest source of antioxidants. Caffeine is a drug which coffee contains (except decaf naturally) and too much has some drawbacks but it is pretty safe in the amount even heavy coffee drinkers consume. If you need some cream and sugar to make your coffee potable that isn’t much to worry about. My teen son adds an inch of half and half and 5 teaspoons of sugar to a mug of coffee which is worse than most but this is still a lot less sugar than a soda.

  4. I would not characterize coffee as “healthy” in any event. If you drink it black, at least you are not getting the extra calories from the cream and the sugar.


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