Is being a barista at Starbucks good for a first job?

Is being a barista at Starbucks good for a first job?

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  1. Absolutely, starbucks is a pretty good company. Im a shift manager but started as a barista 3 years ago, (mind you i had 2 years managerial experience through Jamba Juice.) Starbucks has quite a few perks for someone looking for a temporary job or permanat job. Free pound of coffee or tea every week, plus free drinks 30 min before, during , and 30 minutes after is pretty nice. Plus something called their RSU program (Restricted Stock Units, every 1–2 years you get stocks distributed to you from starbucks for free, for instance i had about 8 units of stock i sold a little before christmas and made almost $500 for presents.) You also get the option to set aside a post tax %, if youd like completely optional, to buy reduce price stocks from starbucks that are yours to do with as you please. 401k, medical, and dental are pretty nice as well considering you can buy for yourself or cover your whole family. Every year you also get a raise as long as you perform yoir duties (just do your work with a smile and listen to what managers ask boom anywhere from .25-.30 raise to over $1, since i worked for starbucks for 3 years i got more than a $1 raise january 1st.) Coworkers are pretty awesome too ive noticed starbucks tries not to put up with bs from employees, if youre genuinely sick take a few days off and its okay theyll get a cover no problem, make it a habit and the district manager will come and you wont like what he/she has to say. Normally youre fired or theres a big talk between you, the dm ,and your store manager, which probably will end in termination and a very crappy report to your next employer, (had this happen to an employee who would drink on shift and come to work wasted eventhough alcohol was banned by her doctor.) Theres also always room to develop with starbucks, they really do want you to succeed if you can afford it the do full tuition reibursment for ASU online and on campus college, also they are always looking to promote baristas to shifts if theyre interested and even onward, it is a little hard to go from shift manager to store manager because most stores already have a manager thats been there long term and not leaving anytime soon.
    All in all theres probably a lot i didnt mention that would make you want to work at starbucks or not, but theyre a reall cool company and they won’t stiff you when it comes to what youre owed (unlike jamba juice who refused to pay me for not being able to take lunches or work hours of overtime to cover basic team shifts. Not to mention they fired me, saying i was a horrible worker and cursed and made customers uncomfortable which was all untrue, as soon as i started trying to get in touch with corporate and lawyers about not getting proper hours paid ,lunches or even proper matches for my 401k [they paid less than 2% when i was taking 10% from every check they said theyd match up to 10% if you did 10%] starbucks will match up to 5% and they make sure its whatever % you select.) Try starbucks out you might like it or you might not either way its some job experience with some pretty cool benefits it youre interested.

  2. Yes it is. Starbucks is my first job. Yes, the job is basically minimum wage and maybe you could find a higher paying job somewhere else, but Starbucks is good for a number of reasons.
    Its reputation. Starbucks is known to hire mostly based off of customer service and is often known for friendly and service-minded baristas. Having Starbucks on a resume as a first job looks good, as people will assume you know how to handle lots of customers well, and Starbucks is reputable for its hires. Essentially, Starbucks is not an obscure company that a potential employer would have to look into.
    Its benefits & perks. Starbucks is also known as a company with some of the greatest benefits and perks for its employees. As a Starbucks partner, you’re entitled to a coffee markout once a week (a pound of coffee, a box of k-cups, etc.), a free food item every day that you work, free drinks 30 minutes before your shift and 30 minutes after (and on breaks), a 30% discount on almost everything when you’re not working, and other fun and useful perks. As for its benefits, Starbucks offers a complete reimbursement up to a bachelor’s degree if a partner attends Arizona State University online. There are tons of other amazing benefits but some don’t apply until you’ve worked for a certain amount of time. If you’re interested, you can Google ‘Starbucks partner benefits and perks.’
    The environment & job. Some people dislike the kind of job that Starbucks baristas must do, but personally, I really enjoy it. If you don’t like fast-paced, always-on-your-feet, think-fast kind of jobs, this is probably not the best option. That being said, if you don’t mind such a job, Starbucks (at least I think) is fun. I love the people I work with and Starbucks tries to create and environment that is nice for its partners. They even send out surveys to get anonymous feedback, whether good or bad, about store environments, new drinks, new routines, manager/partner relationships, etc. These surveys aren’t just for show, either. They actually use this feedback to alter policies and look into issues. A little while back, the dress code policy was changed because partners found it too strict.
    Its locations. The fact that Starbucks is a chain, is really nice. Starbucks is a well-known franchise that has locations worldwide. This makes it easy to transfer if you’re moving, if there’s an opening at a location closer to you, etc. without having to find a new job. Also, it makes it easy if you ever want a part-time job farther down the road, or just retain your barista job. Starbucks is much more likely to rehire old partners or transfer partners, than hire new ones. They don’t have to put you through extensive training to teach you everything, you already know it.
    The tips. In addition to your wage, baristas (obviously) receive tips. While these may not amount to a whole lot depending on where you work, it’s a decent amount that’s nice as pocket money. Starbucks figures out tips by taking the total amount of tips earned by your store in a week, and dividing that by the total amount of hours worked by everyone in the store. That gives them an amount to pay each person per hour they worked. This way, tips are relative to how many hours you worked, but also fair in the hourly rate.
    So, yes, Starbucks is a pretty good job as a first job.


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