Is a home brand of the Vitamin Shoppe reputable as some supplement companies are a sham and have little to none of the supplement?

Is a home brand of the Vitamin Shoppe reputable as some supplement companies are a sham and have little to none of the supplement?

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  1. I am not a fan of these brands. They tend to source cheap materials, sell to anyone and have really no track record of producing a effective product. Checkout companies like
    Thorne Research
    Standard Process
    For herbal preparations, Country Doctor Herbals:)

  2. Vitamin Shoppe are a bunch of swindlers.
    I don’t know about the reliability of their house brand, but they have a shady way of doing business.
    Years ago, before the advent of the internet, I ordered a book from them, along with a supplement which I can’t remember.
    I had sent my order in the post with a bank draft.
    The supplement never arrived. The “book” which came in an oversized, almost empty box, was actually some thin paper “manuscript” which had nothing to do with my order.
    I faxed a complaint to them asking what the hell they were trying to do. They ignored me.
    I then sent a letter by registered post to their CEO and President . No response either.
    I contemplated filing reports with the FBI’s business fraud division as well as the Department of State, but did not proceed as they would be unlikely to bother with investigating a complaint from a foreigner on some minor transaction.
    I remember I lost US $50.

  3. I used to stop at the Vitamin Shoppe when it first opened in a local mall years ago. At that time, I had been a GNC loyalist because they had the best formulation and I trusted in the quality of their brand items. The Gold Card savings was not a very good deal for infrequent shoppers like me, but their supplements were top notch. On the other hand, the items I have tried from the Vitamin Shoppe have always been suspect and not very good quality in my opinion.
    Looking at reviews for Vitamin Shoppe, they seem to do fairly decently on a number of review sites, although Trust Pilot lists them as being a 2/5 in terms of customer satisfaction. In their defense, it seems that there have been quite a few mailing fiascos, as well as pandemic related supply issues. Still, I don’t use Vitamin Shoppe for the reasons mentioned, and the fact that I much prefer Iherb with their reward program.
    Even a few of the things I like to take regularly were disrupted by the pandemic supply problems. I had to search hard to find out that I just couldn’t get my chosen supplement at the time I wanted it, and the other sites that listed as having my supplement of choice…

  4. There’s no reason to think VS’s brand is a sham without any ingredients. Why did you come to that conclusion? Vitamin Shoppe buys from a private contractor. The private contractor has to be GMP certified, that is “good manufacturing practices”. There’s no reason to think a big company like VS would consider scamming customers. They are a reputable company that WANTS to stay in business, not get in legal troubles. I would …

  5. Reputable vitamin companies will have their supplements tested by an independent laboratory to verify that they are absorbed by the body. You will see a logo with the letters “USP” on the bottle. The only vitamin company I’m aware of that is USP verified is Nature Made.

  6. Most people do not need any supplements or vitamins. The AMA recommend do not take and don’t waste your money. There is no evidence they are effective or necessary. IT doesn’t matter who makes them; they cost lots of money and not proven to help anyone. Do not believe the claims by the manufacturer.


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