Is a French press good for making cold-brew coffee?

Is a French press good for making cold-brew coffee?

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  1. Interesting question….
    I use a pound of freshly ground beans to make a gallon of cold brewed coffee and I don’t dilute the final product.
    Determine size of French press.
    Calculate that size into percentage of a gallon. (Eg: 32 Oz French press is 1/4 gallon)
    Course grind beans amount in similar ratio per pound of water used. (A quart of water to a quarter pound of beans.)
    Place grounds in French press, add water, cover and walk away. Do not push down plunger of French press yet.
    Put in fridge if you like or leave on counter out of direct sun.
    Walk away for 12–24 hours.
    Feel free to hit that plunger and enjoy your cold brew…

  2. Um, not to be rude, but…….you can’t.
    You can make cold brew coffee in a french press by pouring in the coffee grounds, placing the mesh like normal, then pouring in cold or room temp water, cover with lid without pressing down and leave it for 18–24 hours. press down, and you have made cold brew coffee.
    But you cannot make a french press coffee and have it suddenly and magically become cold brew coffee. You can only use the container mechanism and use the cold brew brewing process.
    The French Press brewing method is when you place your grounds in the container, then you pour hot (near boiling) water in the glass container, cover it with the lid without pressing down. Wait for 4 minutes. Slowly and gently press down to push the plunger down, which separates the grounds out, then pour your freshly brewed hot coffee and enjoy.
    The difference between the two methods is really the heat. There is also a big time difference, however, this is necessary due to removing the heat element from the whole process entirely. Heat essentially speeds things up, but it also creates a more acidic taste in the final product.
    Also, due to the heating process, the final product can become bitter with time, even after heat is removed. Cold brew is much more stable and if stored properly (airtight and refrigerated) it can last a week. Hot coffee, once made is only good for about 30 minutes to 2 hours if heat is still applied or if the grounds haven’t been removed.
    As a side note, you can make hot coffee, and then cool it with ice and drink it cold. I recommend brewing a stronger version (more grounds, less water) since you’ll be adding water when you add ice. This way, you can have iced coffee without waiting for a full day to pass.
    Cold brew is a delight to drink — and it’s my favorite form of coffee — but there is no cheating when making it. Do you research and make it right. Try it and decide if it’s worth the trouble and time to make. If it’s not worth it to you, then don’t make it again, and go with another way.
    Have fun, and experiment!

  3. Yep! A super-easy, and cheap option if you’ve already got a French press and want to get into cold brew. You’ll be making smaller batches, but it does a great job.

  4. The process is very easy. You mix coarse coffee grounds with cold water and let them steep for at least 12 hours. When the time has passed push the plunger to filter the coffee and transfer cold brew concentrate into the pitcher. You should keep your cold brew concentrate in the fridge.
    Here’s a full recipe so you know exactly how much coffee to use for your French press size:

  5. I believe it is the best device for making any coffee.
    Inexpensive, available anywhere.
    I prefer a muddier coffee so use a finer ground.
    Use a good quality burr grinder. I recommend the Baratza Virtuoso. Remarkable value for money.. Baratza Virtuoso – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder: Kitchen & Dining

  6. Yes you definitely can use a french press for cold brew. Simply add your coarsely ground coffee and cold water in to steep for 12–24 hours. Alternatively you can also use a container or jar. This will give you a better final brew as it’s in an air tight container which will have less oxidisation.
    A good video on cold brew here:

  7. Sure you can make a little bit of cold brew in a french press, you can pretty much make it in anything as long as the coffee is ground course enough and you have a very thick filter. It takes at the least 12 hours, so why use something as small as a french press that will only make a few cups? I’d make larger batches in a big bowl since cold brew can actually stay good in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Just let the water and coffee sit in the fridge and then run it slowly through a cloth.


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