Is 45 mg of caffeine too much?

Is 45 mg of caffeine too much?

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  1. 45 mg isn’t really much, however, depending on how much caffeine your body typically intakes, it could affect you differently. 45 mg is less than a single shot of espresso, and approximately a third of a small cup of coffee.
    If you drank the cup of tea a few hours before you slept, perhaps that’s the reason why the fairly small dosage of caffeine had such of an insomniac effe…

  2. It’s not too much in comparison to drinking a cup of coffee in the evening, less than half that in caffeine. But for you, it may be too much at that time of day.
    For me, I can drink tea all day long. But after about four pm, if I want to be asleep before midnight, I’d better stop.
    But if you want the comfort of a cup of tea, and still want to sleep at night, try any of the myriad herbal teas. If you are looking for more of a tea flavor, rooibos tea has no caffeine, but tastes more like actual tea.

  3. Q answered:
    Is 45 mg of caffeine too much?
    It’s too much if it’s stopping you doing what you want to do. Other than that, you’ve not really given enough info for an opinion.

  4. Is 45 mg of caffeine too much?

    It’s possible that you may be hypersensitive to caffeine. There are three levels of sensitivity. Those that are affected by 100mg or less are hypersensitive
    Caffeine Sensitivity
    1. Hypersensitive to Caffeine
    These people react to very small amounts of caffeine. Even at amounts less than 100 mg, people who are hypersensitive to caffeine can experience overdose symptoms such as insomnia, jitters, and an increased heartbeat.
    The other two levels are:
    Normal sensitivity can consume 200–400mg per day without any adverse reactions.
    Hyposensitivity can consume more than 500mg without much affect at all.

  5. For most people who consume caffeine for the purpose of maintaining alertness, it is hardly enough and certainly not harmful. On the other hand, there are some people for whom even a small amount might interfere with their ability to go to sleep. Each user should attempt to calibrate their own response.


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