In total, how many books on The Beatles alone have been written and published?

In total, how many books on The Beatles alone have been written and published?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “the beatles coffee table book

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  1. OMG this is nearly impossible to answer. It would be easily a few thousand though. I actually went on one website and it had over 2000 books on the Beatles and there are many more books that have been written that they didn’t carry. I dare say that they have more books written about them than any other group in the history of music.
    It would take a lifetime to read them all.

  2. It’s impossible to tell but the answer is definitely in the thousands, possibly the tens of thousands.
    Some are well written and researched texts about the band, individual members, individual albums, their recorded music, or key moments in their career. Mark Lewisohn alone has written 15 and working on another one.
    But the issue is complicated by the quickie Beatle “coffee table” books that are published every year and last a few months before going out of print. A news agency, newspaper, TV news outlet or freelance photographer trawls through their archives and presents a book of “Unseen Beatles photographs”. These quick knock off’s are just a collection of every photograph they have the licence to, compiled with a few captions and a bit of an introduction and then rushed onto the shelves.
    They come and go quickly and don’t last long. Here’s one of the more enduring ones here.
    The Beatles: Unseen Archives: Tim Hill, Marie Clayton, Daily Mail: 9780752583693: Books
    And here’s a one sentence review from a goodreads reader
    “This book is almost all photographs, your memories provide the text.”
    Search bargain bookstores and you can usually find a couple of these on the shelves. I remember flicking through one once that was quite literally just every single image the photographer snapped off in three separate photo shoots. There were pages and pages of the Beatles in slightly different poses taken minutes apart. The reason they hadn’t been seen is because they weren’t worth seeing.


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