If I put raw ground coffee in my smoothie would it give me the same caffeine kick as drinking the coffee after brewing?

If I put raw ground coffee in my smoothie would it give me the same caffeine kick as drinking the coffee after brewing?

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  1. Yes.
    According to my web research there are 120 mg of caffeine in one tablespoon of fresh ground, roasted coffee beans which is about the same as a cup of coffee.
    Caffeine will vary depending on the type of bean used.
    Furthermore, I’ve been informed that the caffeine is absorbed by the body more quickly than brewed, liquid coffee. This seems counter-intuitive but that’s what my research came up with.
    Is It Safe to Eat Coffee Beans? Benefits and Dangers

  2. Not really…coffee beans (like most beans, really) are largely composed of stuff that our body won’t digest, so you’d be counting on the caffeine getting extracted by the digestion process. There’s a reason we use hot water and pressure to produce good coffee, and those things don’t exist in your stomach. So while you’ll get some caffeine, you wont’ get nearly as much as if you brewed it. And your smoothie won’t be all that smooth, either.

  3. I was on a weekend with several people many years ago. Someone brought a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans. I had a few; they were delicious. A couple of my friends took the bag and were casually munching on them and chatting for two hours before heading to bet that night. Next morning, both were bleary-eyed and hadn’t slept a wink. They were still vibrating and feeling the effect of all that caffeine the next night too. They had a fun first evening that weekend. The rest of their weekend was ruined. The caffeine definitely was in the Unbrewed Coffee beans.

  4. Heads up to the other writers here, the question is about raw ground coffee. To be fair, this person would have to be making it themselves since I have never run across raw ground beans before.
    I have seen plenty of green coffee smoothies and stuff so this isn’t really unheard of.
    Yes you will get plenty of caffeine. Since it isn’t roasted at all, you will be experiencing uncompromised caffeine intake. The roasting takes away caffeine such that the darker you roast, the less caffeine you get. Also it will depend on the grind. The more surface area your stomach acids have to attack, the more caffeine you will get.

  5. Not so much GREEN coffee. ROASTED coffee…whole different story. My church does work with a child rescue organization in Uganda and the founder/leader joined us during a visit to the US. He introduced us to a Ugandan custom…in a meeting of friends, roasted coffee beans would be served…just the beans…much like small finger food. (Similar to the chocolate-covered coffee beans at Starbucks.)
    As we talked, those of us were java-heads munched on the coffee beans. I can attest to the fact that there is a similar, although a bit delayed, caffeine effect. I suspect one would feel the effect in direct proportion to the amount of coffee one normally drinks; I am a 1-2 liter a day guy.
    For your purposes, I would put about the sa…

  6. yes, it would, but the texture and taste might not be so good. alternatively, you can make strong coffee and use that instead of water to add to your smoothie. that would take care of the texture. taste, you’ll have to adjust your ingredients.

  7. YES the caffeine is in the bean, so if you ingest a coffee bean you will get get caffeine.
    However, a cup of coffee is several beans, so how much you put in will make the difference.
    I have had chocolate covered Coffee Beans, and sat down to more that a handful of them…. but then I don’t do “normal” and will drink coffee before going to bed.
    Take it easy at first, you are getting the Whole bean ground up, little bit then more the next day. See what you like.
    P.S. 58 yrs old, drinking coffee since 11-12 yrs old, I travel so boiled water is coffee or tea anywhere in the world, safe to drink most of the time.

  8. I don’t think so. That also sounds like a gritty smoothie. Just throw an espresso shot you’ve iced into a smoothie if your looking for that flavor!
    If your only looking for caffeine, using a sublingual B12 supplement can give you a similar feeling to caffeine but without and shakyness or tired feeling later. It’s a Vitamin they put in energy drinks!

    Victor Allen’s

  9. Roasted and ground coffee, probably more of a caffeine kick, brewing doesn’t extract all the caffeine in coffee, eating it would mean you ingesting all of it, I -expect- the gut can extract pretty much all of it…


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