If a married woman invited you to her house for coffee, what would you do?

If a married woman invited you to her house for coffee, what would you do?

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  1. If you don’t mind drinking coffee in the company of this person, you accept an invitation.
    If you’d rather not do it or don’t have time for visits – then you politely decline.
    I mean, isn’t it pretty obvious? The same action plan works also for invitations from unmarried women, unmarried men, and married men.
    People actually invite each other over for coffee quite often. And yes, in most cases they actually invite you to drink some coffee and maybe have a chat. Well, maybe there also will be dessert – candies, biscuits, cake or whatever people normally serve with coffee. And nothing else. Everyday life isn’t like a cheap erotic novel – not every phrase is sexual innuendo.

  2. Happens to me a lot. (Or did, pre-COVID. But it’s picking up again now restrictions are easing.)
    I drink the coffee, maybe nibble a biscuit, and make conversation. You know, like an actual human being?

  3. Depends on why she invited me to her house to begin with.
    If it’s to flirt, then no. Shes married, so that would be wrong.
    But if it’s for important work related reasons, then sure, as long as her husband doesn’t mind.
    Dude! What do you mean, as long as her husband doesn’t mind?
    Well it’s simple, if you put yourself in the shoes of her husband.
    Imagine your wife inviting another man to your home.
    Now you know what it feels like. You wouldn’t be so happy about that now would you?

  4. Which married woman? And what coffee?
    I’m in my fifties, almost all my friends are married, many of them are women. Their husbands know they are my friends. My wife knows they are my friends. Nobody, including me, thinks there’s any more to it than that. If any of them asked me round for coffee, I’d go. Not L, though; she drinks some sort of bloody awful barley-based coffee substitute. Bleccchh.
    A complete stranger with a wedding ring on her finger, though? No.

  5. I’ve had plenty of married women inviting me to their houses for tea (I don’t like coffee). Sometimes they even invite me for wine or gin. I reciprocate and invite them to my house.
    It’s no big deal.

    Eight O’Clock

  6. If I was single I’d smash her old ass, prolly give her the best she ever had no doubt least 10x better than her husbands. Oops disclaimer if it ain’t big work wit wat ya got player, it’s ok I’m a nurse I’ve seen em I know. Now yea I’d hella smash. I’m in relationship with a baddie so I’d prolly just politely decline or ask if I can invite my girl over

  7. Are you married? If so, don’t even consider it. The thing is, does her husband know? Would he approve? I wouldn’t go unless her husband was present.

  8. I don’t know what being a married woman has to do with it, but I tend to accept invitations from friends whenever possible, otherwise it depends on my mood. I don’t like coffee, and my friends are aware of this. If it were a colleague or someone who didn’t know me well I’d suggest we have tea instead.

  9. Don’t do it !!!!! Im not married but got involved with a woman that was. She told me she was divorced with no kids. I took her out several times and always dropped her off at her mother’s house as that is who she said she lived with. I owned my funeral home at the time and she ask me if I would hire her, but if felt that would put us too close together on a daily basis and I said no. After her not speaking to me or answering my calls, I found out she was still married and had 3 kids so I broke it off. She went ballistic, I got a late nite call to the FH and was inside about 3 hours, when I came out, my car was trashed. Windows broken, head and tail lights broken she then got in the car and proceeded to crack the dashboard, break the rearview mirror off, cut all the seats and broke the turn signal lever off. I called police and they said I had no proof it was her and since she had ridden in the car several time, her prints would be all over it already. Stay away from her if you’re smart.

  10. If a married woman invited you to her house for coffee, what would you do?
    Go in but ask for water or something else and have a (probably) good conversation.
    I do not drink coffee or tea.

  11. I go. My sister lives around the corner and her husband travels a lot. It’s a nice opportunity to catch up.
    What the fuck are suggesting anyway?

  12. Different things are possible In different situations. Do we know one another? How & why?
    Under most circumstances I would go. I never presume that in any situation with a woman. That the intentions are more than the ideas of the question. In other words. If I am invited or asked to have coffee, cocktails, dinner or a conversation. I take it on the value from the words spoken. If there is a following phrase that implies anything more I’ll ask straight up. I don’t want to assume anything, especially with a married woman.
    If the situation and intentions change later during the time we’re together. Again, anything is possible. I like to believe that I would stay respectful and distance. Although in my past , I caved to the moments passion, urges & lust…

  13. I would probably take up the offer. Give you some time to chat and find out what she really wants. Only then is it decision time. All depends on what she shares with you.


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