I unintentionally drank too much caffeine and my heart is beating fast and hard. What can I do to alleviate the symptoms?

I unintentionally drank too much caffeine and my heart is beating fast and hard. What can I do to alleviate the symptoms?

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  1. When you are a healthy person, time will decrease the content of caffeine in your body itself. You should wait for the normalization of the heart activity while resting or doing some mild physical activity. You should drink enough water and avoid any kind of stimulation of your sympathetic innervation of the heart.
    The answer goes from the person who lived more than 30 years with the failing heart and 25 with ventricular tachycardias. Each heart overstimulation put me in a danger of arrhythmias and serious health complications.
    There are existing several principal ways of stimulating your heart to work more fast and intensively:
    Metabolic demands are increased by eating and drinking. Excessive consumption can trigger palpitations or arrhythmias and for sure increase the heart rate and stroke strength.
    Physical activity obviously increases the heart activity.
    The psychical load such as working with computers or other activities requiring a great deal of the concentration and hence increasing blood flow demand of the brain.
    The emotional load is a well-known trigger of heart activity and various issues.
    Anxiety and panic attacks are very dramatically increasing the heart rate and stroke strength. They are very dangerous for people having heart issues!
    Lack of oxygen (detected by an excess of CO2) in the blood can trigger the heart to beat extra fast and hard.
    Low blood pressure activates the cardiovascular center in the brain that stimulates the heart to beat faster and stronger.
    Drugs of many kinds including coffee stimulate the heart to beat faster and stronger.
    Medical drugs often influence the heart rate and stroke strength in both directions: increasing or decreasing it.
    Hyperventilation is a known trigger of increasing the heart rate and stroke.
    Excessive heat activates sweating which is expensive to the heart because it must work harder.
    Lack of sleep and other deprivations can destabilize various kinds of regulations of bodily functions including the cardiovascular center.
    Just to allow you to know which activities you should avoid while being intoxicated by coffee.
    Do you know that the caffeine interferes with caffeine sensors present in all cells of our bodies including the heart and the brain? Actually, this interference is a protective method of the plant producing caffeine containing fruits. It avoids animal to chew too many seeds at once and hence enables the plant to survive into the next generations. By consumption of coffee, we are literally poisoning ourselves.

  2. Coming from someone who has worked night shift for almost 10 years and indulged in many of cups of coffee and redbull. Firstly sit down and let your body rest and your heart rest. Any extra exertion is going to make your heart beat faster. Drink plenty of water. The effects of caffeine can last up to 6 hours but I have found these simple steps to help the most. If your symptoms worsen then go to the ER. As they say, This too shall pass

  3. I see no answers yet and you must feel miserable. I suggest you look up a website online where online doctors answer questions like this that don’t require a checkup.

  4. By the time youve got any answers I’m sure you had more or less recovered. A glass of water for every cup of coffee equivalent that you drink, gentle exercise and slow breathing . Distract yourself by watching TV or listening to calming music or reading.

  5. Since I doubt you have caffeine poisoning, let’s say you just ingested too much for your body in one day. The key is water and excersize, drink a couple of bottles of water then go for a short run to sweat it out, and tire yourself as well. Also a family favorite of mine for any time you took too much of something (or ate too much) is activated charcoal, which should absorb the caffeine, and will later color your excrement black haha. With these tips it should slow down your heart and get some of the caffeine out too!

  6. Eat something (bread, crackers, a full meal, etc.) and drink more water. Try not to think about your heart as it might make you more nervous and scared. Next time you’re about to drink lots of coffee, add grassfed butter or any other lard/fat/oil and blend it in a blender. The oils will bind with the caffeine and give you a steady release of energy with less side effects.

  7. If you do this it will take a few hours to run the course and clear the caffeine. There is a drug therapy which usually is not needed. You should be careful with your coffee intake.

  8. Caffeine leaches potassium and magnesium from your system, so have a supplement boost of each when you take extra caffeine.
    I learned this the hard way; I have afib and extra caffeine sets it off unless I boost potassium and magnesium.

    Victor Allen’s

  9. Try eating some bananas, sometimes that will alleviate the symptoms. If you have a magnesium supplement, that will also help. Mostly you have to wait it out.

  10. Unless you seriously overdosed, as I understand it not much, except to let it wear off on it’s own. If you really think you are in trouble, go see a doctor.

  11. You can rest, and wait for the peak level to pass. You must watch for signs of severe chest pain and shortness of breath as a heart attack can occur. If it is too severe, you may want to have it checked.


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