I spilled coffee on my laptop. What should I do?

I spilled coffee on my laptop. What should I do?

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  1. Stop drinking over your laptop!
    By the time you get an answer its too late to prevent damage. For a small spill generally its just the keyboard that gets it.
    Dont turn it on, even to test it. Take the battery out, take it to a repair shop and tell them what happened. They will deal with it in a way that will minimise further damage.

  2. Remove possible external coffee using a paper napkin.
    If possible remove your battery and/or keyboard.
    Finally, remove remains from inside your keyboard. Use a hair dryer with its cool settings. If you are in a coffee shop, use a hand dryer in the restroom with care.
    Try not to use your laptop for the next few hours.

  3. Remove battery
    And don’t afraid it will not damaged your laptop.
    After two day insert battery .
    In my case i spilled boild oil on laptop till now it is working as it is.

  4. I see you’ve got quite the problem there. Well, let me help you with that. You should do several things when your coffee is spilt on your laptop.
    You need to unplug your laptop : Make sure all power sources are disconnected as soon as possible. Remove your laptop’s charging cable and, if possible, the battery. To prevent electrical damage, you should not plug in the cable or the battery until the laptop is completely clean.
    Clean up puddles : Dab at any obvious puddles of liquid. Use a clean washcloth since the fibres are gentle enough for electronics. In a pinch, paper towels or Kleenex will do, as long as the liquid is not allowed to reach any electronic wires or electrical parts.
    The bottom of the laptop should be cleaned: Microfiber or lint-free cloths can be used to wipe down the laptop bottom if a residue is present. The spill should be wiped off with a barely damp cloth.
    Let it dry: Please ensure the bottom of your laptop is off the ground by leaning it against a wall or other support. Allow it to air dry for a day or two. As the laptop dries, avoid hitting it with dust as the insides are still sticky from the cleaning. It is best to wait longer before using the laptop again if there are still damp spots.
    In specific fortunate scenarios, you should be done if you spilt a plain drink and cleaned it up smoothly. However, if your drink contained milk or sugar, or if you could not thoroughly clean your laptop, consider taking it to a computer repair shop.


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