I haven’t drank a coffee in over 5 months. Could I be missing benefits of “Coffee”?

I haven’t drank a coffee in over 5 months. Could I be missing benefits of “Coffee”?

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  1. Coffee has caffine which can be addicting so no you are doing good.. I don’t want to change your likings and eat apples which I do instead of drinking coffee

  2. Use caffeine or coffee as your trump card. The less you use it, the more you’ll find benefit in it as a stimulant.
    So if your preparing for an exam (for study, not the actual exam; during an exam most people feel adrenaline from the fear of failure or competition anyways), use caffeine while studying.
    Or if your driving a long distance and want to make monotonous driving more enjoyable, a little caffeine could help. But if your eyes start to feel sleepy, I would recommend stopping and taking a nap (Credit to Duke Meister ). Sleep takes it’s priority so don’t drive while sleep deprived; you don’t want to fall asleep on the wheel.

    So summarize, if you stick with caffeine/coffee abstinence, use it as your trump card for those special occasions.

  3. Well, which benefits are you talking about?
    I have drank coffee since like 12-13 yrs old. Traveling a lot had to have drinks with boiled water– tea or coffee.
    I drink Peet’s Coffee, the CEO originator of STARBUCKS 1st worked there then Created Starbucks.
    So, benefits of coffee for me, when I get Peet’s, like…… WOW!
    at 58 yrs, I drink way too much coffee for any doctor or FDA approval, most any kind, but I kick ass on life, work 15+ hours a days as an Artist.
    And have few health problems.
    There is as much out Against Coffee as for Coffee.
    Coffee speaks for it self……
    Friends share coffee (tea too), no one gets drunk and fights.
    I can walk into many a town in many a nation and a coffee is offered, or a tea. To meet the stranger, a sign of friendship offered, by BOTH SIDES.
    If you want those benefits, Got to Drink Coffee.
    If you like believe ( like I do) the health reports from around the world coffee does good things when respected, Changes you will miss the health benefits.
    If Caffeine is causing you troubles, other herbs may have those answers.


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