I don’t want to drink tea or coffee. What is the best alternative drink I can take every morning and evening which is healthy and yet t

I don’t want to drink tea or coffee. What is the best alternative drink I can take every morning and evening which is healthy and yet tasty?

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  1. Besides coffee I’ve done the following…
    Kombucha. Though if you are avoiding tea you probably don’t want this either.
    Water infused with lemon or apple cider vinegar. A little acid in the morning helps with digestion. I actually like the taste.
    Bone broth. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Bone broth provides good enzymes and has nice flavor. I add in fresh herbs such as parsley, green onions if I have them, mushrooms, salt and pepper.

  2. If it’s the actual tea plant you’re avoiding, there are so many other herbal teas that are excellent. Peppermint tea, linden tea, vervain or hawthorn all make excellent teas, if you’re trying not to consume caffeine. Yerba Mate is very popular in South America, though it does contain caffeine.
    I’ve also had a pleasant drink in which you stir pure blackstrap molasses into either hot water or almond milk. Very nice, and good for you. Lots of minerals.

  3. Plain tap water is my favorite beverage, can be drunk anytime of day at any temperature, and is the most hydrating beverage possible. Try that.
    If you don’t like that, add lemon juice, or find a drink powder to add. Or try a tisane: like tea, but with a different herb instead of the tea plant. There are hundreds of options for herbal drinks.
    There is also milk and juice. You are aware of the existence of juice, yes?
    If you are looking for a buzz without the caffeine, lookup yerba mate. If you just dislike hot beverages, try instant coffee in cold water. If you just dislike caffein, try decaf coffee.

  4. Hey there, Athulya! Many healthy drinks are just as tasty as coffee and tea. Two of the best alternatives to these drinks are milk and fruit juice. Both of these drinks are packed with nutrients and vitamins, which can help to improve your health.
    Milk is a great source of calcium and protein, essential for maintaining strong bones and muscles.
    Fruit juice is also rich in vitamins and minerals, making it a great way to boost your immune system. Some fruit juices that I recommend are lemon juice, cucumber juice, and orange juice.
    Lemon juice is a refreshing and healthy alternative to tea or coffee. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and has numerous health benefits.
    Cucumber juice is another excellent choice for those who want to avoid tea or coffee. It is hydrating and low in calories and has been shown to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.
    Orange juice is another great option for those looking for a healthy alternative to tea or coffee. It is a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients and has been linked to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    Of course, you can always go back to plain old water. It is important to stay hydrated, especially if you are active or working out regularly. Water can help flush out toxins from your body and keep you refreshed and energised. It may not be as tasty as the listed beverage above, but it certainly is healthy and needed by our bodies.
    Yoghurt is also an excellent option for those looking for a different morning or evening drink. Of course, yoghurt is technically not a drink, but it’s still a great substitute for coffee/tea in the morning. It’s packed with nutrients like calcium and protein and can be a good source of probiotics. Yoghurt is also relatively low in sugar, making it a healthier choice than other options.
    Hope these selections help you out in a much healthier lifestyle!

  5. If you want a hot drink, there are dozens of types of herbal and fruit flavoured teas. They do not contain Camellia sinensis, which is ordinary green or black tea. My favourite is lemon verbena.

    Victor Allen’s

  6. Nuts, which are high in protein and fiber, make a healthy afternoon snack, but they’re also nourishing whipped into a smoothie. According to certified nutritionist Angela Pifer, smoothies made using ingredients like cashew milk, protein powder, and nut butter help elevate your blood sugar levels. “A 3 p.m. slump is not innate to us,” Pifer says. “Since food gives us energy, it’s more of a problem with our blood sugar dropping.”
    read more at: 15 Creative Alternatives to Coffee

  7. When I was trying to cut down on caffeine, I substituted some of my coffees with chicory root. It is caffeine free as well as has anti inflammatory properties and lots of fiber among other benefits, yet it also has the bitter taste similar to coffee.
    It is available in ground form that you can prepare as instant coffee. You can add some milk or milk substitute and some sweetener as you would to coffee.

  8. I cut out coffee a while ago, and feel so wonderfully calm for it. I’ve found rooibos tea, preferably brewed with a mix of chai spices, to be the best, tastiest alternative (and high in antioxidants). I like it with almond milk, foamed.

  9. Do you want hot beverage?
    The simplest is hot water with a slice of lemon.
    There are many ‘herbal’ teas (tisanes) that do not contain the leaves of camellia sinensis. Just read the label.
    Try roiboos tea.
    Cocoa. (does contain caffiene)
    Steamed milk.
    If you are happy with a cold beverage:
    Fruit juice
    Water with or without a slice of lemon or lime
    Vegetable beverages (but: Plant-based drinks shouldn’t be main beverage for young kids: experts )
    Beer. Hey it’s a fine old tradition. Stick with the low alcohol beers though.
    Clear soups like consomme or broth.

  10. Take Amla juice (from market) add little lemon and sugar : drink as tea.
    Use arjun powder, add milk make tea.
    Aloevera + ginger + orange juice
    punarnava extract with honey
    : there are 52 of them to suit different people. Ask specifically.
    Nothing beats Herbinic 2 spoons + sugar + cow milk : I wish this falling like a waterfall and my…

  11. It is said drinking warm with a bit of lemon in it is the best thing to have early morning. And instead of drinking coffee or tea try having an apple which could really energize you instead of beverages

  12. Yogi tea is such a great and healthy alternative of tea or coffee. This is how yogi tea is made and its health benefits. Hope it will help :’)

  13. I start the day with Barleycup, and lemon and ginger.
    Later in the day I have redbush, and ‘red berries’.
    I do actually drink tea and coffee, but not as much.
    Uplifting Lemon & Ginger
    Eleven O’Clock Organic Rooibosch Tea
    Refreshing Berry Fruits

    Eight O’Clock

  14. There are many people who stay away from any sort of caffeine or they don’t like the Taste of tea.
    However, it is a healthy habit of drinking coffee or tea in morning and evening as it is a great stimulant. But since you’re looking for more options, to name a few, they are:
    Freshly made Fruit juice.
    Lemon juice with honey ( helps regulating weight and blood sugar)
    Aloe vera juice
    Turmeric water acts as a great detoxification for the body but you ought to develop a taste of it.
    Cinnamon water (high source of anti-oxidants and contains Anti inflammatory properties)


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