How To Use Coffee Creamer In Place Of Milk (7 Easy Ways )

Coffee creamer is both tasty and helpful, but it’s usually loaded with saturated fat. If you’re trying to cut down on your dairy intake or are lactose intolerant, here are some easy ways to use coffee creamers rather than milk in your morning brew.

1.  Add The Creamy Texture To Chocolate Or coffee Drinks

Coffee creamer gives your morning brew a creamy texture. You can use it instead of milk in any coffee-based drink, including mochas, cappuccinos, and iced coffees. If you are using flavored creamers make sure to check the ingredient list for additives that may contain dairy or gluten. Also keep in mind that many cafes will not let you substitute milk with creamier in their specialty drinks because they require specific types of milk.

2.  Create Your Unique Milk Tea

Use coffee creamer to give your tea a creamy and smooth taste. Tea tastes better with milk anyway, so you will not be sacrificing much. The creaminess of the coffee creamer will help bring out the flavor of the tea leaves even more. Iced tea is especially good with coffee creamers because it gives it a very cooling effect on a hot summer day.

3.  Create Creamy Soup

Use coffee creamer to create a creamy soup with your favorite vegetables and spices. You can also use coffee creamers as the base of any soup that requires milk or cream. Just make sure to do it towards the end, since you don’t want your soup to taste like dessert!

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4.  Mix With Hot Cereals To Create Healthy Breakfast Treats

Coffee creamer tastes amazing with hot cereal. It’s also a great way to cut down on fat intake, especially if you are trying to lose weight or you just can’t handle the taste of cream in your breakfast. Add coffee creamer into oatmeal, hot wheat cereal, and even grits! Just make sure to add the creamer slowly, since it has a thicker texture than regular milk.

5.  Splash In Pancake Batter Or Waffle Mix

Use coffee creamer to add a creamy texture to your pancakes or waffles without adding calories. You can even use it in any baking recipe that requires milk, cream, or sour cream! Just remember that just because it’s non-dairy doesn’t mean you have an excuse to go overboard.

6.  Pour Over Fresh Fruit Or Oatmeal

Use coffee creamer instead of milk to give your fresh fruit or oatmeal a creamy taste. Choose between flavored coffee creamers if you want an extra kick of flavor. You can also add in some chocolate syrup or honey for an even tastier treat!

7.  Add To The Mashed Potatoes

Coffee creamers can also give mashed potatoes a rich and creamy texture without adding too much butter or milk. Be careful though, because butter substitutes like margarine usually contain dairy products too!

Conclusion:  The coffee creamer is a great substitute for milk in recipes. It can be used to make cream sauces, or even whipped into fluffy desserts like mousse and ice-cream. If you’re looking for ways on how to use coffee creamer, we’ve given you some of our favorite ideas! Now it’s your turn – let us know what other uses YOU have found by leaving a comment below this article. Happy cooking!

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