How to Reuse Coffee Grounds for their Hidden Potential

Coffee grounds are one of the most wasted products on Earth, with an estimated 2.5 billion pounds of wasted annually in the United States alone.

Can be used for many different things, including making a paste that you can use on your skin to exfoliate or make sugar scrub to give yourself a spa-like treatment at home.

It is important to note that while some people may think it is wasteful to reuse these when there are so many other uses for them (such as fertilizer), the truth is that throwing away this product adds up quickly!

So why not do something more productive with these used? Here are 8 ways you can reuse around your home.

1. How to Reuse.

You can reuse coffee grounds around the home in more ways than just brewing a fresh pot of coffee. While you might not want to add dried and used grounds directly into your potting soil if you’re planting some new houseplants, there are plenty of other things that you can do with them. Some of the most popular uses for old include:

– Exfoliating your skin – Natural face masks – Making soap – Body scrub – Fertilizing plants

2. 8 Ways You Can Reuse Around Your Home

1. Exfoliating Your Skin

If you’re looking for a natural way to exfoliate your skin, then coffee grounds are the answer. Mix them with some honey and olive oil for an extra hydrating scrub that will give you glowing skin!

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2. Natural Face Mask

On their own make a wonderful natural face mask. Mix with some yogurt and honey to create a smooth paste that you can use on your skin for 10-15 minutes before rinsing clean.

3. Making Soap

If you want to make soap at home but need an extra ingredient, used coffee grounds work perfectly! They can give soaps and even homemade beauty products a wonderful exfoliating effect.

4. Fertilizing Plants

Work as a great fertilizer as they contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Add some used to the soil of your plants for a nutrient boost.

5. Make Sugar Scrub

Mix together equal parts sugar with used coffee grounds to make a great natural scrub that can be used on your face or body! The caffeine in the coffee will help tighten skin as it works to remove dead cells.

6. Stop Weeds

Placing coffee grounds around the base of your plants can help stop unwanted weeds from growing up and choking out your flowers, shrubs or trees! The smell is strong enough to keep some types of weeds away but isn’t too overpowering for humans to handle.

7. Hide a Pet’s Mess

If your dog or cat is making a mess in the backyard, place used coffee grounds on top of it to stop animals from digging up where they have already been. This trick usually works for about three days before the smell fades away and animals start digging again.

The smell of coffee can also repel squirrels, mice, moles and rabbits. If you want to get rid of squirrels in your backyard, place coffee on top of their den during the night while they are sleeping! This will help drive them away.

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8. Make Fire Starters

Coffee can also be used to make fire starters! Collect some dryer lint and place it inside a paper egg carton before topping with used coffee grounds. You can light the paper on fire, which will burn the dryer lint until there is nothing left but ash. This makes great kindling for a nice campfire!

3. What You Need To Know Before You Start Reusing Them

Coffee grounds that have been used and dried out can be reused for many different purposes. However, it is important to note that you should never reuse coffee grounds that have been contaminated with mold, as the mold spores could cause respiratory issues or skin irritation.

If you suspect your may have become contaminated, throw them away and start with fresh, clean grounds.

4. Drawbacks (Soil, Soil)

Shouldn’t be used directly in your garden or flower pots because the caffeine could keep plants from growing. Should be mixed with soil before being added to plant pots or flower beds because if not, plants will absorb the caffeine.


– Will using used coffee grounds in my pots make them grow slower or die?

No. Can be used in your garden or flower pots because once they are dried out, the caffeine doesn’t have the same effect.

This is why you should never use coffee to water plants that are already established, because it could keep them from growing larger or producing healthy flowers/fruit/vegetables!

– Are there any plants that coffee grounds will help?

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Can be used to fertilize plants because they contain phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. However, if you want your plant to produce fruit/vegetables/flowers, you should mix the coffee with the soil before using it.

– Does caffeine have any effects on plants?

Caffeine has no effect on plants. It can actually be beneficial in some cases because it acts as a pesticide/fungicide. However, you should never mix directly into your soil or mix them into the water that is being fed to your plant!

If caffeine makes contact with the roots of the plant, it could keep them from absorbing water and nutrients.


You can use for many different purposes. They may not be the most glamorous thing to have around your house but they do offer a lot of hidden potential that can help make life easier!

You should never reuse wet or moldy coffee grounds and always remember to mix them with soil before using them as fertilizer so plants don’t absorb too much caffeine. Remember these tips when reusing used in order to get the maximum benefit from this natural resource!

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