How to Make Strong Coffee (Easy Guide to Better Coffee)

Coffee is a staple in the morning. It wakes you up and helps you get going for your day. But what if coffee isn’t doing its job? Maybe it’s too weak, or tastes burnt, or just doesn’t have that same flavor as before. If this sounds like something you’re experiencing, then read on to find out how to make strong coffee at home!

How to Make Coffee Taste Stronger

If your coffee isn’t strong enough, it may be time to go in for a new brand. Different brands will have different strength levels, so you’ll need to find one that works well with your taste buds. After buying the same variety of coffee for years, don’t be afraid to switch things up! There are tons of options out there when it comes to coffee.

Sometimes, the problem is simply the way you’re making it at home. Investing in a French press can give you stronger coffee than most traditional methods because they allow more oils and essences to seep into the finished product. A French press also brings out sweetness in the beans since they come into contact with water for longer periods of time.

You can also try switching up the amount of coffee grounds you use. Most brands will recommend a certain amount for their brand, but if that’s not strong enough, feel free to add more or less depending on your preference.

If all else fails and you’re still not getting the taste you want out of your coffee, try adding in things like chocolate syrup, sugar and milk to make it taste stronger without changing the recipe too much!

How to Make Strong Coffee

Does Strong Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Not always. A lot of the time, different types of coffee will have varying levels of caffeine because certain ones are harvested at different times. While some beans may be more caffeinated than others, it’s not always true that an extra-strength cup will give you more energy than a lower caffeine option because there are so many factors at play here!

Which brewing method has the most caffeine?

Some methods will also give you more caffeine than others. Here are a few brewing methods and the amount of caffeine they can have:

– French Press – 9 – 14 mg/ounce

Drip coffee – 8 – 11 mg/ounce

Espresso – 75 – 90 mg/shot

If your day is filled with long hours at work or school, then obviously pick the method that has the most caffeine! If not, there’s no harm in trying both to see which one makes you feel more energized. Just remember that caffeine isn’t always a stimulant – it all depends on your body and how your body reacts to it.

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Which brewing method is best for strong coffee?

All of them! As we said above, there are so many factors to consider when it comes to coffee – from type of bean to method of brewing. A French press will give you stronger coffee than a manual drip maker, but a single serve pod machine can give you a cup that’s just as strong without having to buy tons of pods or waste time on the process.

So don’t be afraid to try different ones and see which one works best for you.

6 Types of Strong Coffee

As we’ve said before, strong coffee isn’t always synonymous with more caffeine. This is because the word “strong” describes many different things when it comes to coffee! While one person might think that a dark roast will be more caffeinated than their standard cup of morning joe, another person might think that adding in sugar and cream makes any cup of coffee stronger.

Here are 6 kinds of strong coffee you can try at home:

Espresso – Like we mentioned before, espresso has 90mg of caffeine per shot. This method also usually involves hot water pressed through finely ground beans for maximum flavor and taste. If you want something similar but not quite as potent, get yourself an Espresso machine These little devices create hard shots of coffee that pack a caffeine punch!

Turkish Coffee – An oldie but goodie, this method will give you the strongest cup of coffee possible if made properly. It involves very finely ground beans (similar to espresso) and boiled before serving for maximum flavor. This process drains many of the oils from the beans which is why it usually comes with spices added in like cardamom, cinnamon or chocolate for sweetness.

French Press – As we mentioned above, making “strong” coffee with a French press means getting more oils into your drink since it allows grounds to sit in water longer than most methods. Something important to note is that a French press doesn’t actually measure how much caffeine there is in each cup – it just measures the average amount over time.

Percolated Coffee – While percolating coffee gets a bad rap for being a gross process, it can also be one of the most caffeinated options available! This method consists of water bubbling through evenly ground beans and dripping directly into your cup below. It does give you an awful lot of caffeine since there is no waste from papers or filters – but it’s not always tasty depending on what kind of coffee you use to make it!

Single Serve Machine – In recent years, single serve machine have been getting more and more popular because they’re easy to use and less wasteful than most brewing techniques. You just pop in a K-Cup or pod, choose what size you want and press the button! Plus, they’re usually less expensive than buying coffee in bulk at your local grocery store.

Coffee Ice Cubes – This option isn’t too caffeinated on its own, but if you add it to a cup of espresso or drip coffee, the ice cubes will give an extra heft to the drink without making them watered down. Just freeze leftover brewed coffee in ice cube trays so you can easily add them as needed without watering down your drinks!

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What kind of grind to use for strong coffee?

Here’s where it gets complicated. When it comes to which grinds are best for your strong coffee, you’ll have to base the answer on how you’re brewing. If you’re using a French press, opt for coarser grounds that will stay in the bottom of your cup without getting through the mesh filter. The same goes for Turkish Coffee – if you want that extra kick then make sure to grind up those beans really fine to get every last bit of caffeine!

For single serve machines and drip brewers, however, a medium-fine grind is best because it has a balance between oils and solids. This produces a better taste without creating pressure or clogging up your machine!

How to Make Strong Coffee in a Coffee Maker: 3 Steps

While there are a number of methods that can give you strong coffee, the easiest way is to brew your standard cup with your coffee maker. To do this, you’ll need:

Filtered water – Coffee made with tap water can lead to “off” flavors in your drink so it’s best to use filtered if at all possible. You should also pour cold water into the reservoir instead of hot because it will help preserve the flavor!

The right ratio – This one is tough because every machine is different but for most models start with 1 tbsp of ground coffee per 6 oz. of water! If it’s too weak, add more until you get the kind of strength that satisfies you. Too strong? Use less next time or even try out regular drip for a weaker, but still tasty cup.

The right grind – You’ll want to use medium-fine grinds that are balanced between oils and sediment. This is because the coffee grounds should be able to steep in the water without getting through filter paper or clogging your machine.

How to Make Strong Coffee in a French Press (Plunger): 4 Steps

If you want to make a cup of coffee that’s stronger than most other brewing techniques, the French press or plunger is for you. To do this, you’ll need:

Coarsely ground coffee – Since a French press doesn’t have a filter, grounds can seep into your drink and potentially give you caffeine jitters! For this reason, you’ll want to use coarsely ground coffee that doesn’t have much sediment.

Hot but not boiling – While it might seem like a good idea to heat up your water to the boiling point before steeping your beans, that’s actually bad for your cup of coffee! Boiling can burn or even ruin your grounds so only let it reach the point where you see steam coming off of it.

More coffee, less water – It might sound counterintuitive but you’ll need to use more coffee grounds than most other methods! To every 6 oz. of hot water, add at least 1 tbsp of ground coffee (or however much fits into your French press).

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4 to 5 minute steep – This is a bit on the longer side for making regular coffee so it might be tough if you’re on the go! However, this length of time will help produce a really strong cup of Joe that you can blend with ice or milk as needed.

How to Make Really Strong Coffee in an Espresso Maker (Moka Pot): 6 Steps

If you want to make an even stronger cup of coffee, try using an espresso maker. To do this, you’ll need:

The right grind – Espresso makers are designed for super fine coffee grounds that will give your drink a deep richness without getting any sediment into the mix! It’s also important to remember that since these machines use steam and pressure, you should never use very finely ground coffee.

A stovetop – While it is possible to make really strong coffee without heat by using cold water and letting it steep for about 24 hours, we don’t recommend this method. The best way to get a really potent cup of coffee is by putting your espresso maker over the stove and heating it up to just under boiling.

About one ounce of grounds per cup – This is a good amount for an espresso maker, so use about as much as will comfortably fit beneath the metal filter. For some models you may want to put in less if your unit lacks a steamer!

The right grind: super fine – This means less sediment and a richer cup.

No water in reservoir: Use cold – If you put hot water into your espresso maker’s reservoir, you could end up with burnt grounds that affect the taste of your drink. So if possible, leave it empty and add in room temperature water before putting on the lid and using the steamer.

No mess, no fuss: One minute – This is about how long it will take to make a really potent cup of coffee. Just fill the machine with cold water, put in your grounds and hit “start.” With this amount of time you can get an espresso maker that’s even cheaper than more advanced models!

How to Make Strong Coffee Without a Coffee Maker: 3 Steps

Grind your own – Using pre-ground coffee isn’t the best way to make a cup of joe. You’ll want to grind up beans fresh before each brew and use about 2 tbsp for every 6 oz. of water as there won’t be any built in filtration.

Boil it – Instead of just letting the water reach a steaming point, let it get close to boiling (about 195 degrees F). At this temperature, you’ll extract more caffeine and taste from your beans for an even stronger cup of coffee.

Steep it – Don’t pour in any water after grinding unless you want weak coffee. Instead completely submerge your ground beans and let it sit for about four minutes.

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