How should I order my coffee when I go to a Tim Hortons?

How should I order my coffee when I go to a Tim Hortons?

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  1. You should order a coffee depending on what you like if it’s black or a 4×4 (4 cream or milk & 4 sugar or sweetener) bit it all depends on you it doesn’t have to be what others like it’s all on what you like and what your tastes and preferences are.

  2. I used to work there so I definitely hear all kinds of ways people order. Some of them being far too vague and leave us asking every little detail which can be frustrating in an environment meant to be very fast. Here is the best way to order your coffee:
    – Begin with SIZE (Small, Medium, Large, or Extra-large – certain drinks not available in XL)
    – Name the TYPE OF DRINK (Coffee/Dark Roast/Decaf/French Vanilla/ Iced Coffee/etc.)
    – State your MODIFIERS which are the ways you specialize your drink, pertaining to cream, milk, sugar, sweetener, flavor shots or espresso shots.
    There are also short ways of ordering common coffees referred to as ‘Regular’ (1 cream and 1 sugar), ‘Double Double’ (2 cream and 2 sugar), ‘Triple Triple’ (you get the pattern), or “4 by 4”.
    If you prefer milk over cream you could say “double double with milk”.
    Here’s a few examples all said at once:
    “May I please have a small dark roast coffee with 3 creams and 1 sugar?”
    “Could I get a medium french vanilla with 2 milks and an espresso shot please?”
    “Can I please order an XL decaf coffee double double with milk?
    I hope that clarified everything for you!

  3. In this order works best — Size, Flavour blend, additives(cream, milk,sugar), extra cup(if wanted), dome lid (if wanted)
    Example 1) May I have a Large Dark Roast, 3 sugar, 2 cream, double cupped with a dome lid, please?

  4. Here’s a Tim Hortons Coffee Lover’s Guide to everything from Double-Doubles to 4x4s.
    These are the three key things you need to decide before you get to the counter:

    How should I order my coffee when I go to a Tim Hortons?

    What size cup do you want? Available in five sizes: Extra Small (8oz), Small (10oz), Medium (14oz), Large (20oz) and Extra Large (24oz).
    How many servings of cream? Cream is dispensed by a machine, and serving sizes are proportional to the cup size you order so that the taste, colour and consistency is exactly the same no matter what size cup you order. Tip: If you prefer milk to cream, you must ask for it, otherwise it’s assumed you want cream. And you can only get 2% milk, so don’t even bother asking for anything different.

    How many scoops of sugar? Pro tip: At most Tim Hortons, servers add sugar by scoop rather than a machine, so if you’re going with the larger cups, you might want more than a couple of scoops.
    Here then is the jargon that every Tim Hortons server will understand. (Rumour has it that once you master this, you can apply for Canadian citizenship).
    Server: Can I take your order?
    Your choice of responses could include:

    I’ll have a small regular , please. (Translation: “ Small cup of coffee, with one cream and one sugar.” Please =please).
    I’ll have a medium double-double. (“Medium cup, two creams, two sugars”).
    I’ll have an extra small with one cream and two sugars. (Even though requests are for cream first and then sugar, don’t be tempted to say single-double . Unless you’re a regular, the server will very likely ask you to confirm that you mean one cream and two sugars).
    I’ll have a large triple triple with milk. (“Switch the cream for milk and give me three milks, three sugars”).
    I’ll have an extra-large 4×4. (“Please contain your disgust and throw in four creams, four sugars and some coffee if there’s room for it. Yes, I’ll be seeing my dentist soon”).

    How should I order my coffee when I go to a Tim Hortons?

    P.S.: Cup in last image not shown to scale.

  5. Order it after your food order and in Canada, its double double as the norm but you can request with 1 Milk, 2 Milk, or 1 cream, 2 Cream… anything other than double double you typically just request how many times (shots) of sugar, cream or milk you want.

  6. Try a double-double. It is the most common. Don’t worry about adding more cream/sugar in the larger cups because the dispensing system ensures the double double will taste the same in any size cup.
    If you ask for a Large Regular (or any size regular) it means one cream and one sugar. Again the dispensing syestem will make it taste the same in any size cup.

  7. Want to know a little hidden gem? The ancient art of the Hidden Menu is alive in a few remaining members. One of the things in it is called a “ Gretzky”. It is a 9 sugar-9 cream coffee. By the I mean less than the width of your pinky is actual coffee. The 9–9 stands for his number, 99.


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