How should I make the order at cafe coffee day?

How should I make the order at cafe coffee day?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “cafe coffee day menu price

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  1. There is two types of services at the cafe coffee day 1. Table service cafes 2. Semi self service cafes . In table service cafes you can make your oreder from the table and the staff will serve your order on your table and in semi self service cafes you need to place your order at the counter and your order will be served by staff.

  2. Well, you just go to the counter and order whatever you like, or better, you can ask for a suggestion from the brew master himself.
    I don’t think it is that hard, is it?

  3. Hi. I had visited ccd Inorbit outlet vashi Navi Mumbai. We had ordered 6 coffee and 1 water bottle and paid in cash. Then we asked for printed receipts. Here starts the scam.
    1 ) they said printer not working we shall give receipt in writing.
    2 )we ordered for regular cappuccino and they charged for king latte.
    3) we took one bottle of water they charged for 2.
    4 ) we were over charged 245rs extra
    We had a huge fight and then he agreed to give print recipt and also accepted his scam.
    Guys beware check the bill and always insists on print bill and check the items charged.

  4. so simple
    Search coffee day in google.
    Find nearest cafe coffee day shop.
    Take At least Rs 200/- (Because minimum you will be charged around Rs 150/-)
    Go to shop.
    Go and ask barista (one who makes coffee) for suggestions.
    See the menu card
    Now order and drink.
    P.S- Starbucks is better than cafe coffee day though it is expensive
    if you still dont get, take me to CCD and buy me a coffee, I will help to order.


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