How sanitary is the water used to make coffee on an airplane?

How sanitary is the water used to make coffee on an airplane?

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  1. I have read several posts related to that. Most of the posts say that on board many aircraft the water is heavily contaminated with bacteria or chemicals, that should just kill these faecal bacteria. The contamination can led to side effects and can harm the passengers. Several studies of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in different years have shown that one in eight aircraft had coliform bacteria in the water tank. The platform explains that these results especially apply for US airlines.
    That the coffee on the aircrafts should be avoided seems to be an open secret among the cabin crew and the pilots. A pilot who works for a US airline says: “Don’t drink coffee! The water which is transported by the aircraft is absolutely disgusting.” The bad taste of the aircraft coffee comes from chemicals that should kill coli bacteria. Apart from the chemicals that are used to clean the water, dirty tubes that are used to fill up the water tanks on the airplane are another factor which leads to contaminated water on airplanes.
    In European airplanes, the quality of the water used for the hot drinks seems to be better. asked Lufthansa – which also operates the airline Swiss – about the water quality on their airplanes. Lufthansa refers to their own annual inspections and other external investigations that are done regularly. European airlines in general are avoiding taking water from airports delivering contaminated water. Nevertheless, there is no absolute guarantee that there are no faeces (“shit”, vulg.) in your drink.


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