How often can I do coffee enema?

How often can I do coffee enema?

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  1. “There’s no scientific evidence that proves or disproves that coffee enemas are helpful to treat any medical condition. Evidence for or against the use of coffee enemas is mostly anecdotal. In mainstream medicine, colon cleansing is considered unnecessary because your body’s digestive system is capable of getting rid of waste, toxins, and bacteria on its own.
    The theory that colon waste is toxic to your body is known as autointoxication. According to a 2014 article published in The Journal of Lancaster General Hospital, there isn’t any evidence to support this theory.”
    Why bother.
    Save your money.
    Live a healthier life.
    Eat three modestly sized meals every day. (Don’t skip breakfast.)
    Sleep 8 h/night in a quiet and dark room.
    Walk 10,000 steps a day. A few less or more are good too.


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