How much residual caffeine is in decaffeinated coffee?

How much residual caffeine is in decaffeinated coffee?

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  1. How much residual caffeine is in decaffeinated coffee?
    Decaf coffee is not caffeine free. Depending on the decaffeination process, there could be anymore from 1–2%, to as much as 20% of caffeine remaining.

  2. Sure.
    While most of the caffeine has been removed when coffee is called decaffeinated, roughly about 10% of the caffeine still remains.
    See > Decaf Coffee Isn’t Caffeine-Free

  3. Yes, there is a very small amount of caffeine in decaffeinated coffee. Generally, an arabica decaff will be anywhere from 97% – 99% caffeine-free, depending on the coffee and the grind. Caffeine is burned off during the roasting process so an arabica decaffeinated dark roast is the way to go if you really want to minimize your caffeine intake from coffee.

  4. Like alcohol-free beer or wine, it seems that for many products, “decaffeinated” actually means ‘decaffeinated to a reasonable, but not total, degree’.
    In one study, all the brands tested – bar one – were found to have small amounts of caffeine: from ” 8.6 milligrams to 13.9 milligrams ” (for a 16oz cup).
    A suggested rule of thumb (from a different report ) is:

    If someone drinks five to 10 cups of decaffeinated coffee, the dose of caffeine could easily reach the level present in a cup or two of caffeinated coffee

    This seems reasonable to me, in light of the information from the first report referenced.
    The decaf brand with no caffeine at all from the first report?

    Decaffeinated Folgers Instant, purchased at a Krystal fast-food restaurant
    But I also found these guys: Swiss Water Decaf .
    Finally, a former-coffee-addict I know swears by chicory , which contains no caffeine at all. I tried some though, and while I don’t like coffee either, chicory tastes like dog-water*.
    * and I don’t mean the water you give the dog, I mean the water after the dog is finished with it.

  5. You might also want to consider this, Stephanie:
    3 reasons that Caffeine affects Women more than Men……..
    One doc I know suggests a 6PM “caffeine curfew” if you want to have a reasonable bedtime. Which mostly sucks.

  6. Decaffeinated coffee and tea have reduced caffeine, but they still do have some. I am particularly sensitive to caffeine, enough that even a cup of decaf tea can disrupt my sleep, so I make a point to avoid it for six hours before bed.


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