How much money does the average Starbucks take in per day?

How much money does the average Starbucks take in per day?

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  1. I work at the second busiest Starbucks in Texas. Today, being a busy part of the year, we made $12,000 just in cash transactions. Only around 25% of all of our transactions are in cash so I’d estimate that the store made a total of $48,000. But this also happened to be the busiest day of this year so far for my store. On normal days we make around $30,000 in total transactions.

  2. A average Starbucks does $ 540,000.00 revenue annually according to a US National study. lets break that down.
    Average Total Revenue
    $ 540,000.000 Per Year
    $ 45,000.00 Per Month
    $ 1,500.00 Per Day
    Average Profit
    $ 178,200.00 Per Year
    $ 14,850.00 Per Month
    $ 495.00 Per Day
    These are estimates based on a average Starbucks. A busy one makes way more then this.

  3. At our Starbucks, we were taking home about $2,500-$3,000 on a good day, but probably about $2,000 on average. Basically… a lot of money.

  4. Starbucks makes 80% of its revenue from the 15,000 coffee shops it owns and operates worldwide.
    So: ($26.5B x 0.80) / 15,000 / 365 days/year = $3,800 per day in company-owned stores (most stores). That’s a profit per store of $520/day (avg, using 13.6% profit).
    Starbucks does very well in US, China and elsewhere.
    Starbucks makes 11% commission from licensed stores plus profits on the sale of coffee wholesale to each licensed store.

  5. Thanks for sending me the A2A for this question.
    The estimated total average cashola earned in a 24-hour period by a popular family-run coffeehouse (not a Starbucks) is $3,200.00, by my estimate. A Starbucks might earn more or less per day than this, depending on the individual location in question.
    I can’t exactly answer this Q with respect to a Starbucks. I’ve never worked at a Starbucks, nor do I have anyone in my social network who has ever worked at a Starbucks. Not that it matters much regarding this question, but I also don’t even drink my coffee at Starbucks.
    On principle, I prefer to give my business to coffeehouses and other retail establishments that are family-run, and original, rather than give my business to a carbon-copy franchise within a big business chain. These preferences notwithstanding, I can still answer this Q with respect to the money taken in by a non-chain, family-run, coffeehouse.
    My sister in law M. briefly worked the evening shift at a very popular non-chain (family-run) coffeehouse, at age 16. Due to pregnancy and high school attendance obligations, she was only able to work there 4 hrs per evening, typically 6PM-10PM.
    Part of M.’s job was to count the till total from the cash register at closing time, which is how she knew how much money the coffeehouse made during M.’s 4-hour shift. On an average workday, the coffeehouse made approx. $600.00 during M’s 4-hour shift. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays averaged closer to $800.00-$900.00 during M’s 4-hour evening shift. When M. realized how much money the shop was pulling in, she asked for her wage to be raised from $7 to $8 per hour upon having worked there for 90 days. M. got the raise, and M. was also allowed to set up a tip jar next to her cash register, to collect even more money for herself.
    This was back in the 1990s. These numbers of the coffeehouse’s till intake should be adjusted upward slightly for inflation, to get an idea of how much a coffeehouse can earn in a 4-hour evening shift nowadays. I figure the same coffeehouse M. worked at is probably currently making, at the minimum, 4 times $800.00. That shop opens at 6AM, closes at 10PM, and does not close for lunch nor any other break times between 6am and 10PM. The coffeehouse has a 6am-10am shift to cover the morning rush, a 10am-2pm shift to cover the lunch hour folks, a 2pm-6pm shift to cover the after-work social hour, and a 6pm-10pm shift covering the late social hour with after-dinner coffee dates, & providing a venue for open-microphone people: aspiring poets, aspiring comedians, local musicians, and University night-owls working on their school projects, etc.
    So, this coffeehouse M. used to work for has four 4-hour shifts, with shift till totals averaging around $800.00. In my experience, the slowest shift, monetarily speaking, is the 10am-2pm shift, but the other three shifts always more than make up for what isn’t earned between 10am & 2pm. $800.00 multiplied by 4= $3,200.00.
    Now, if you count the “per day” at a popular coffeehouse as beginning at 6AM when they open, & ending at dusk rather than at 10PM, then of course, the calculated daily total will differ somewhat from this.

  6. It’s kind of hard to give a straight answer to this question. Each store is different than the next due to location, type of Starbucks, hours, etc. A drive-thru store will most likely make nearly double that of a café only store in the same general area.

  7. I’m not sure how much exactly but when I walk into an average Starbucks, 25-35 people are usually in there at a time. Let’s assume that they serve an average of 30 people every 15 minutes and the average customer spends $6 then the place takes in $680/hr. If they are open from 7:00am-10:00pm which is a 15hr day, Starbucks would take in approx. $10,200 if it was that busy throughout the whole day. It would probably be best to sit in a Starbucks for a full day and count the customers yourself to come up with the most accurate estimate.

  8. OOOH! Look! A chart! NEAT! I like charts, and you should too.

    How much money does the average Starbucks take in per day?

    Credit: Starbucks: number of stores worldwide 2015 | Statistic
    …and given this nifty little bit here, Investor Relations Starbucks has disclosed that it has total revenue of $19.2 billion .
    So now, there’s math:
    Total Revenue/total stores= Net Profit per Store/year
    $19,200,000,000/23043= $833,224.84052
    Net Profit per Store/Days in a year= Net per day
    $833,224.84052/365= $2,282.8077822
    That’s a lot of money…but it also includes all sales (i.e. online sales)
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    Eight O’Clock

  9. Depending on the traffic into the Starbucks and after the cost of the supplies, the rent, and paying employees, the profit is probably less than $400 a day. That is because the costs might be as high as $800 per day. As the expression goes location, location, location makes or breaks the Starbucks or any business.

  10. I worked at a store that brought in around 25k a week. We never staffed more than 5 baristas at the same time (average 3 baristas on floor on weekdays), so considering how little labor we were spending it was profitable.

  11. I managed many Dunkin networks and it’s all based on location really. So for an average it’s probably between 2000-3500 per day.
    It could be less in low traffic locations or more considering I had dunkins that would bring in 8000-10000 per day depending on the season but this was exceptional.
    I would look at the quarterly report someone linked in their answer as that’ll probably give you a corporate wide answer


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