How much milk should you put in coffee?

How much milk should you put in coffee?

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  1. The amount that tastes right to you.
    There are coffee lovers who like espresso (zero milk), macchiato (a tiny dollop of milk), cappuccino (more milk than coffee), and latte (a huge glass full of milk with a couple of shots of coffee in the bottom). There are people who like drip coffee black and ones who like it with so much milk they have to rewarm it in the microwave. It’s a matter of taste.
    Sometimes it’s also a matter of hiding the taste of bad coffee, but if that’s what’s going on, try to improve the coffee, then decide how much milk you like when you actually like the coffee.

  2. One fifth of the total volume is the correct one for medium strength coffee. But it is all down to your taste. If you like it strong, you add less milk and more coffee and vice versa.

  3. It’s up to you???
    BECAUSE everyone is different.
    Maybe a teardrop of milk, or teaspoon, OK ok, if you want to push the boat out, then it’ll be a tablespoon full.
    Go O natural, from the cow’s udder.

  4. I dont put any in because milk is for cows and really unhealthy for people. But how creamy do you like your coffee?I think this is a question that you should ask yourself…This question is asking your opinion..You,first and foremost know your opinion..

  5. The amount the person who’s going to drink it enjoys. I won’t have any in mine, thanks. For my son, I leave about an extra centimetre of space (in an average sized mug) for the milk.

  6. How much would you like? Personally, I don’t use any. I have a friend who likes a 50/50 mixture.
    I don’t think there are any regulations anywhere about how much milk/cream you are allowed to use so find your personal sweet spot and go for it.
    However, when I am elected emperor of planet Earth, I will ban adding anything to coffee so enjoy it while you can.
    Original question: How much milk should you put in coffee?


  7. How much milk should you put in coffee?
    None. Yuck!
    A lot of people like hot coffee milk shakes. If you are one of those people then fine but you did ask my opinion.
    If you want to know how much you should put in your coffee. As much or as little as you like.

  8. Use only the amount of milk you need, and steam it in a vessel no more than 2x the volume of your final beverage. The right amount of milk is going to be around 80% of your final beverage volume minus espresso


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  10. Agree with Reed C Bowman ‘s answer … and will add that putting coffee and sugar in your coffee mucks up one of nature’s greatest gifts to us. If you have to improve the taste of coffee with 5 sugars and 2 cups of milk there are alternative ways to caffeinate.
    Like other bitter flavors, beer for example, coffee black or Americano style with espresso and water really are an acquired taste. But better for you in those forms.
    There’s a cool product on the market that flips the coffee taste on its head without killing it with milk and gobs of sugar: Punch’d Energy. PunchdEnergy. com is Amazon’s Choice at a new way to coffee. Caffeine Gummies made with real fruit and real strong Arabica green coffee bean caffeine. Coffee that tastes like fruit, which I bet you didn’t know existed. Crazy tasty, crazy fast boost because you chew your energy.
    Recommend trying this before milking up your coffee.

  11. It depends on what coffee you’re making and how you like your coffee. Some like to add just a splash, but if you want to make cafe au lait you will use half coffee and half milk.

  12. Interesting question you got there, my friend! The answer may depend on personal preference, but there are a few things to remember when adding milk to coffee.
    The type of milk you use can make a difference. Whole milk will make your coffee richer and creamier, while skim milk will not add as much body.
    The temperature of your coffee can also affect how much milk you should add. If your coffee is hot, you may want to add less milk, so it doesn’t cool down too much, especially if you’re using chilled fresh milk.
    It also depends on what kind of coffee you are making. If you’re making a latte or cappuccino, you’ll want to use more milk than just a regular cup of coffee.
    Lastly, how strong do you like your coffee? If you like your coffee on the weaker side, you’ll want to use less milk so that the flavor of the coffee isn’t diluted too much.
    Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference as to how much milk you put in your coffee. Just experiment until you find the perfect ratio for you.

  13. I typically don’t like to put any milk or sugar in coffee. If you like it with milk, try it with different amounts, then stick with the one you like.

  14. Just a splash is all that’s needed. BTW, the key to great coffee is starting with fresh whole beans and grinding them yourself. Use Arabica and avoid Robusta. Enjoy. EJ.

  15. This question is almost like asking what size your shoes should be. Only almost, because that question does have an answer, even if I do not know what it is.
    How you should drink your coffee is purely a matter of taste, and there is no right answer.

    Eight O’Clock


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