How much does a coffee machine really cost to manufacture?

How much does a coffee machine really cost to manufacture?

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  1. Depends on the complexity of the coffee machine, i.e. an Italian commercial espresso maker built for several simultaneous beverages and many hours of continual use 7 days a week for years or a very old-tech drip coffee maker for home that’s plastic with a glass or metal carafe, minimal electronics, and a basic heating element for the water reservoir and the warming plate under the pot that has to sell at a discount retail store for $10-20.
    The volume of machines being produced will affect it to some extent, the capacities and speed of the plastic injection molding machines varies considerably as does the useful life of the molds/dies while assembly labor won’t vary much at all other than where that’s done as this would be simple work so probably done in a very low-wage country.
    How many intermediaries it goes through, each adding their own desired profit margin as well as actual costs, is a big factor in any manufactured good especially for consumer purchases and with distant production from the end-user market. That’s usually a much more significant and inflexible cost than the choice of design, materials, forming, and assembly.
    It’s not uncommon for the retail price of an item to be 3-5 times it’s cost to manufacture so you could apply 25-30% to the price and have a reasonable guess.


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