How much does 1 kg of Arabica coffee cost in Jordan?

How much does 1 kg of Arabica coffee cost in Jordan?

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  1. Depending on the quality and the country of origin
    Vietnamese coffee would run close to 9 USD/kg
    Colombian 24 USD/kg
    People here only drink Arabica.

  2. It depends from where you are buying. If you buy from the international coffee houses or thier local likes it will brle around 30 JDs. If you buy it from local one which specialized in local turkish you can get for around 12–15 JD.

  3. It depends if it’s roasted coffee beans or raw beans.
    Raw beans at their origine cost around $2–3 per kilogram, or around $1–1.5 per pound, if you know what your doing and you’ve sourced before. That’s before shipping, custom clearance, roasting, packaging and distributing.
    Robusta beans are a bit cheaper still.
    After roasting however, a ready to sell kg of coffee can range from $6/kg all the way up to $18/kg ($3–9/ pound) for less commercial, small batches, handled by a master roaster.
    The magic is in the roasting. Anyone can put some time and find a great source/price for raw beans, but the price you pay for the roast is something that should be decided based on what kind of coffee you want to offer, or what product you are selling. There is a word of difference between the coffee I include in my kcups, and the powdered packets.
    We roast once a week, locally, at the hands of a master roaster and her husband. We pay a high price, but that’s how my shop eats both Starbucks to my left and right everyday for breakfast. We serve an epic shot of espresso roasted right, and it’s very hard to compete with an authentic espresso shot, roasted to perfection.


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