How much bailey’s should I put in my coffee?

How much bailey’s should I put in my coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how much baileys to add to coffee

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  1. That’s a trick question! The answer is ZERO.
    10 oz freshly brewed, black coffee
    1 oz Irish whiskey, 2 oz if you are feeling festive
    1.5 teaspoons of brown sugar
    X amount of heavy whipped topping, which you will sip through
    And there you have an Irish coffee, my friend.

  2. I usually put around 20–25 ml of baileys in my cup of latte. You can add more if you want the alcohol to be stronger. I personally don’t like the sweet taste of baileys.

  3. Ultimately it’s how strong you like your coffee in the morning. For a smooth satisfying taste with a regular cup of coffee a half a shot works wonders. For the stronger cups of coffee you will need a full shot of Baileys to get that smooth taste.
    The Irish cream will give your coffee a sweetness
    The Almanda gives you a rich creamy taste less sweet.
    But no matter the flavor that you choose, the taste that satisfies will be the blend that mixes perfectly. Enjoy your cup and smile.

  4. Look here, Adding bailey’s is like adding milk.
    It is just simply added until it’s perfect for the drinker. It does not matter if you added a drop or the whole bottle (at least satisfaction wise) for as long as you truly, truly, enjoy the cup you’re drinking.
    What you’re tasting is something only you experience your way. This is why I invite everyone to experiment on things to find their idea of perfection.


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