How many ounces are in a venti Starbucks cup?

How many ounces are in a venti Starbucks cup?

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  1. Hot venti is 20oz.
    Cold venti is 24oz – this is because the ice displaces the liquid. They account 4oz for the ice, leaving you with a 20oz beverage.

  2. Although the English translation of the word “venti” literally means “20,” at Starbucks, the amount of ounces in a Venti size cup depends on whether the drink is hot, or cold. (Also determines whether any espresso based drink includes 2 shots of espresso… Or 3.) Starbucks takes into account that any time an iced, blended, or shaken drink is made, also requires ice, an extra ingredient (that takes up prime real estate in each cup) that would result in drinks made iced to sacrifice some of the good stuff you pay to get, for essentially, water. Rather than be OK with providing customers who prefer their drinks cold LESS actually product they paid good money for, they INCREASED the size of the ICED Venti cup from 20 oz to 24 oz, to ensure the same amount of good stuff goes into both hot and cold drinks. They also understand the ice melts. Quickly, if you live somewhere hot like it gets here in Arizona. Melted ice + larger cup = Weaker coffee taste. So, to counter handing customers an iced drink that doesn’t taste as strong as the hot version, ICED Venti drinks not only contain 4 more ounces, they also are made with THREE shots of espresso, instead of the two included in the hot venti version.
    So, to sum it up, here’s a list of the CORRECT sizes Starbucks offers:
    Short (8 fl. oz.), Tall (12 fl. oz.), Grande (16 fl. oz.), Venti HOT (20 fl. oz.), Venti ICED (24 FL. oz.), and for those lucky enough for their location to offer Teavana Teas, they also have the Trenta (31 fl. oz.)
    Hope that helps 😁

  3. Its 20 oz when Hot as Venti means 20 in Italian.
    Although for cold beverages its 24 oz.
    Same is for Trenta cup, as Trenta means 30 in Italian. Trenta cup is reserved for cold beverages in Starbucks. Trenta cup = 30 oz cold beverage.

  4. Tall = 12oz, Grande = 16oz, Venti = 20oz, Venti Iced = 24oz, and the Trenta = 31oz.
    Next time all you have to do is flip the cup over and check. Most paper hot cup manufactures display the sizes on the bottom of each cup around the inner rim.

  5. 2o ounce. Venti means 20 in Italian.
    I live in Italy now and coffee is huge here. I found out a lot of coffee terms are Italian such as espresso, macchiato, latte, mocha, cappuccino, cafe americano, cafe lungo.

    Eight O’Clock

  6. Hot – 20 (“Venti” is the Italian word for 20)
    Cold – 24 (they’re trying to make up for the drink volume you lose by adding ice, I’m guessing)

  7. I’m guessing twenty. Sorry, we have the metric system where I am so I’m mot sure what an ounce is, exactly. But I do know that venti is Italian for twenty.


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  9. A venti hot cup is 20 ounces, but in a venti iced cup it holds 26 ounces.
    The iced cups will always have the volume for ounces on the bottom if you ever want to know.

  10. 20 oz in a hot,
    24 oz in a cold.
    As a result, if you order a cold Venti latte, or a cold Venti caramel macchiato, you will receive an extra espresso shot to compensate for the additional milk.

  11. 20…venti is 20 in Italian. However an iced venti is technically in a 24 ounce cup but ends up only being roughly 16 ounces of liquid.

  12. (Extra small) Short: 8oz (hot only)
    (Small) Tall: 12oz (hot or cold)
    (Medium) Grande: 16oz (hot or cold)
    (Large) Venti: 26oz (hot or cold)
    (Extra Large) Trenta: 30oz (cold only)

  13. How many ounces are in a venti Starbucks cup?

    At Starbucks, there are two even larger drinks: the Venti and the Trenti. The Starbucks Grande is 16 fluid ounces (470 milliliters, or 2 1/2 cups). Venti: Pronounced VENN-tee, Venti is Italian for “twenty.”. A Venti is 20 ounces (590 milliliters), so in a way, this name makes sense.

  14. No. Starbucks has special names for their sizes and it can be difficult to remember so here’s the scoop:
    Small = Tall (hot or cold, it’s 12 oz.)
    Medium = Grande (hot or cold it’s 16 oz.)
    Large = Venti (Hot=20oz, Cold = 24 oz.)
    Ex Large = Trenta (only cold, 32 oz. Only available for Iced Teas, Iced Coffees and Refreshers.
    Grande is the default size. So if we’ve asked your three times what size you want, and you still are ignoring us, you get that size.
    Thanks for the A2A, Benjamin!


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