How many cups of ground coffee does it take to make 12 cups of coffee?

How many cups of ground coffee does it take to make 12 cups of coffee?

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  1. One grinder load, if you are using a regular domestic blade grinder.
    Beyond that, it’s however much you want to use. I find the official recommended ratio of coffee to water to be much stronger than I like. How Much Coffee Per Cup: Know what ratio to use (up to 12 cups) recommends 1–2 tablespoons per cup, but I use one rounded teaspoon.
    You need to work out what works for you,. And to start with, be aggressive making changes – you will hardly notice any difference with one tablespoon more or less. Halve or double the coffee, if it’s a lot stronger or weaker than you want, 1.5x or 0.75x if it’s fairly close. Then go midway until it’s perfect.

  2. Ideally, you should measure your coffee by weight instead of volume, because different roast profiles will have different densities.
    Light roast coffees are more dense, meaning that each bean takes up less space.
    Dark roast coffees are less dense, meaning that each bean takes up more space.
    If you measure your coffee dose by volume, you can overdose your light roasts or underdose your dark roasts.
    For standard drip coffee, I recommend you brew at 1g of coffee for every 16ml of water to start. You can adjust from there if you find it too strong or weak.
    For a 12 cup batch, you’d need ~177 grams of coffee to brew. Of course, some water is absorbed into the grounds, so you may bring this up a bit to account for that.

  3. A standard cup of coffee is 150 mL.
    So 12 cups of coffee at 150 mL is 1,800 mL.
    The standard brew ratio is 10 g of coffee for every 180 mL of water.
    Therefore, to prepare 1,800 mL of coffee, you would need exactly 100 g of coffee.
    If you’re American, this would be 3.5 oz. of coffee for 60 fl. oz. of water, at 5 fl. oz. of coffee per cup.

  4. The SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) defines 10 grams or 0.36 oz per 6-oz cup as the proper measure for brewed coffee if using the American standards.

  5. How much coffee is grounds for a 12 cup pot?
    I would generally use 6 heaping tablespoons (1 tbsp / 2 cups) for typical American style coffee.
    Adjust to suit your own taste.

  6. No idea, in Australia we use ingredients by weight and not volume which is very inaccurate.
    It would also depend on the coffee making method that you choose


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