How many cups of coffee is 250 grams?

How many cups of coffee is 250 grams?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “250 grams ground coffee to cups

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  1. The standard for coffee is two table spoon per cup, but its not widely acceptable. Different people use different cups which varies in size and the other thing to consider is the taste which people prefer. For example i like strong coffee which means hat i use more coffee grounds just to improve the taste whereas you may like coffee which is not strong. Some people like coffee with cream,sugar and ect… to add to their coffee, which lessen the amount of coffee content in the cup.
    So to be honest, 250 grams of coffee powder will depend on two things:
    1- The cup how small or large the cup is.
    2- The person who is drinking coffee maybe he would like to drink strong coffee or standard coffee.
    Hope this helps.

  2. The standard measure for coffee is 2 tablespoons per cup. But that’s just a guideline. You can adjust this amount to taste if you like your coffee a little stronger or weaker.
    (Remember, the standard ‘cup’ of coffee is 6 oz., or about 175 mL)
    2 tblsp is about 15 g. So 250 g would be 16 2/3 cups of coffee. Or more or less, depending.


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