How many coffees is a RedBull?

How many coffees is a RedBull?

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  1. Standard answer: 95mg caffeine in 8oz coffee and 110mg in 11.9oz Red Bull, however, since nobody drinks by the serving size do the math. 9.25 per ounce of Red Bull and 12mg per ounce of coffee.
    But be realistic, nobody has any discretion about what they put in their body, so all the other chemical compounds in both liquids is what drives the difference in how you are affected when consuming them.

  2. How many coffees is a RedBull?
    That would depend on the size of the RedBull compared to the volume of coffee, however ounce for ounce the RedBull has slightly less caffeine than coffee.
    Ounce for ounce whatever volume of RedBull you are comparing, it’s approximately 20% less caffeine than an equal amount of coffee.

    Numbers for vague comparison:
    12oz regular soda (cola, etc) average 30 to 50mg caffeine (depending on brand)
    12oz Mountain Dew 55mg caffeine
    12oz Redbull 113mg caffeine (the smaller 8.2oz can is only 80mg)
    12oz Coffee: 142mg caffeine (with some variance for type and brewing methods)
    12oz Espresso 600mg caffeine (typically served as a 2oz shot with 100mg, no one really serves 12oz at a time)
    1 Excedrin pill 65mg caffeine (typical adult dose is 2 pills, 130mg caffeine)
    1 caffeine pill (NoDoz) 200mg caffeine

  3. How many coffees is a RedBull?

    How many coffees is a RedBull?

    How many coffees is a RedBull?

    Not as much as you would think! A “NO DOZ” tablet contains 200 mg . which is 3 1/3 cups of coffee ( with coffee having 60 mg.per cup) . A Pepsi ZERO has 69 mg. in 12 oz. (355 ml.) A Mountain Dew ( long considered to have the Most caffeine in a soda) has ONLY 54 mg. per 12 oz. can.
    A Red Bull has 77 mg. in a 8.4 oz. (258 ml) can),
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 mg. in a 12 oz. (369 ml. can)
    . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 148 mg. in a 16 oz. (492 ml. can)
    SO AFTER ALL that isn’t that much is it.
    INTERESTING SIDE NOTE: US federal law limits the amount of caffeine in a 12 oz soft drink to up to 70 mg per 12 oz. (355 ml). That is why those others are called energy drinks, not soft drinks or sodas .

  4. While there’s lots of info out there about how bad energy drinks are for you, a single 8-ounce can of Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine, less than a standard cup of coffee and roughly one-third of the caffeine in a 12-ounce Starbucks. It also contains other ingredients, however, like taurine, whose long-term effects have yet to be studied extensively.

  5. A 12 ounce red bull is about 111mg of caffeine. A typical cup of coffee is about 95mg but this can vary wildly. By this calculation, a 12 ounce Red Bull is about 1.2 coffees worth of caffeine.


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  7. An 8oz Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine.
    An 8oz coffee contains usually between 80–120mg depending on strength/variety.
    So 1 Red Bull is comparable to 1 coffee.

  8. Hello and thanks for A2A
    A single 8-ounce can of Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine, less than a standard cup of coffee and roughly one-third of the caffeine in a 12-ounce Starbucks

  9. A 8.4 ounce redbull contains 80 mg of caffeine
    A 8 ounce cup of coffee contains anywhere from 80 to 200 mg of caffeine.
    So they contain about the same amount of caffeine.
    1 8.4 ounce redbull is the same (caffeine wise) as 1 8 ounce cup of coffee.

  10. A Red Bull has 80 mg of caffeine in a 250 mL (8.5 fl. oz.) can, which is just a bit under what would be found in a similar amount of coffee.

  11. A2A: Roughly speaking, a RedBull has a little more caffeine than one cup of typical coffee. It could be less than a cup of very strong coffee.

  12. One medium, regular grocery store brand.
    Pay $3.00 for a Red Bull or $.79 at your local gas station for the same kick.
    If you pay $3.00 for anything make it a Starbuck and you’ll triple the caffeine content.
    Choice is yours.

  13. How many coffees is a RedBull?
    According to a Google search, a supposedly one serving of RedBull (250ml) contains approximately 80mg of caffeine. An average cup of coffee (one shot espresso) contains 63mg of caffeine, so if we do the math, one can of RedBull is approximately 1.27 cups of coffee.
    Hope this helps.

  14. a purportedly one serving of RedBull (250ml) contains roughly 80mg of caffeine. a median cup of occasional (one-shot espresso) contains 63mg of caffeine, thus if we tend to do the maths, one will of RedBull is roughly one.27 cups of occasional.

  15. I’m going to guess that you mean by the caffeine content. Depends on the variables; caffeine content of the coffee, size of the Red Bull.

  16. About 1cup of coffee or 80mg for 8 ounces. Regular coffee has about 80 mg , though there are some hyper strong coffees that boost between 400 to 1500 mg per 12 oz cup. Be afraid -be very afraid.

  17. Coffee doesn’t have a standard amount of caffeine in it.
    The amount of caffeine varies based on brewing method and roasting method.
    Light roast has the most caffeine, darker roasts burn off more of it.
    Cold brew has the most followed by Turkish brew, espresso, french press, and drip.
    At a minimum, coffee has more caffeine than a red bull, and at a maximum can have 3 times as much.
    Redbull has Taurine, which might have an effect on mental performance when combined with caffeine, but this isn’t well established yet. Coffee does not have taurine unless added separately.

  18. Well, a standard 12 oz. can of red bull contains 111mg of caffeine. Coffee usually has around 95 mg of caffeine per cup (8 oz.) But twelve ounces of coffee is around 142 mg of caffeine. So usually, the same amount of coffee compared to red bull will have more caffeine.

  19. Depends how big the coffee is.
    90mg of caffeine in a 250 ml Redbull and between 60 &100 mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee (depending on size). So! The answer to your question is “one or two” ish.



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