How many coffee beans are in an Espresso shot?

How many coffee beans are in an Espresso shot?

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  1. I just weighed out samples ( to the 0.1 gram ) and counted beans by hand for an array of different roasts levels, origins and blends. Here’s what I came up with:
    Green Unroasted Beans: 98 beans / 18 grams or 0.183 grams per bean
    Light Roasted Mexico S/O: 112 beans / 18 grams or 0.160 grams per bean
    Medium Roast Rwanda S/O: 126 beans / 18 grams or 0.142 grams per bean
    Dark Roast Decaf Blend: 144 beans / 18 grams or 0.125 grams per bean
    Major take-aways:
    The roast level is directly related to how many beans will fit in any particular unit of measurement. The further you take a roast, the less dense the beans will get, the less each bean will weigh.
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  2. Bean sizes vary, and different roast levels have different moisture content, so you can’t truly standardize this. Just for fun though, I just weighed the beans I’m using right now, and its about 120mg for a typical bean.
    A traditional single shot is 7g, meaning 58 beans per shot. So, in the ballpark of 80 I suppose.
    Also worth noting that in the US at least, almost no one pulls a single shot. One common dosage for modern US cafes is an “overdosed double” of around 18g. So these would require 150 beans per shot. Quite a bit of beans for such a small bit of coffee.

  3. That is not true. Though you don’t measure coffee in beans but in grams. The most common weight for espresso is 8–10 grams.

  4. On average, an 8-gram single espresso shot will use 71 coffee beans, while a 16-gram espresso serving contains about 142 beans.

  5. I think 80 coffee beans is pretty close.

    A single shot of espresso uses approximately 7 to 8 grams of coffee.
    According to this coffee website, there are approximately 4,000 coffee beans in a pound of coffee.
    source: Ancora Coffee Roasters – Coffee Glossary
    There are 453.59 grams to each pound.
    Assuming all of the above are correct, each coffee bean weighs 0.113398 grams.
    80 beans will weigh 9.07 grams (80 beans x 0.113398 grams), which seems a tad on the high side, but not unreasonably high, based on the 7 to 8 gram single-shot requirement.

  6. Usually in barista world they go by weight and play around the numbers based on the roast profile and age of the beans. Typically ranges 18g to 21g and with 1:2 ratio. More info:
    Dialing In: How to Reduce Your Sink-Shots and Still Make a Beautiful Espresso


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