How many calories do you actually burn by 1 cup of black coffee and a green tea?

How many calories do you actually burn by 1 cup of black coffee and a green tea?

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  1. The average person may burn 100 calories per hour anyway just using energy for your metabolism. If you drink black coffee and Green tea it is rumoured thatvyour metabolism may increase and therefore burn extra calories. Personally I think maybe 3 to 5 calories? I don’t really believe this bullshit anyway, but in general: Ignore it. It’s not that much.

  2. As a direct result of drinking coffee and green tea? Yeah, that’ll be a big ol’ goose egg (zero).
    The thing about black coffee (and the caffeine that it contains) and green tea (and the EGCG, or epigallocatechin-3-gallate, that it contains) is that these chemicals are stimulants that do support fat burning and improved metabolism, however, it isn’t a direct correlation.
    Caffeine had a net positive effect on improving one’s metabolism, however, if you’re eating in a caloric surplus, then you won’t be losing any weight anyway. Also, EGCG has a positive impact on fat burning as well, but you only get 50mcg in a cup of green tea and you would need 300–400mcg of green tea to see any significant effect.
    So what does this tell us?
    Drink the coffee and the green tea, they have important health benefits and will support your weight loss efforts, but don’t rely on them to drive any significant changes. Assume that they are zero calorie drinks that have no direct impact on weight loss aside from not adding to your caloric intake.

  3. Zero. Stop listening to Dr. Oz and “wellness experts” with degrees in marketing.
    There’s no miracle elixir that burns calories. You take calories in/your metabolism and minute-to-minute exertion takes them out. That is really all there is to it. That is the only solid claim for this stuff… it cranks up the metabolism a tad so you’re possibly going to be a little more active. If you make three trips to the front door to see if the grass is growing properly, you may burn twenty or thirty extra calories. But you could just get your butt out of the chair and walk around the block and burn ten times the calories, with or without over-priced woo-woo health fad drinks.
    If the caffeine cranks up your metabolism, though, and all you do is change channels more often because you’re skittish, you get no exercise and no benefit.
    There are zero scientific (double-blind, peer reviewed) studies showing anything thing more than minute results in weight loss from either Green Coffee Extract or Green Tea.

  4. God hope you’re not an anorexic! You’d have ro drink about 8 to 10 cups a day of Green Tea to make a dent. Your stomach might end up in pain and as for Black Coffee I drink this and Herbal Tea. Neither helps weight loss.
    As stated if you want to lose weight eat healthier food. Don’t believe all the rubbish you read. I’ve drank green tea and all it did was make my stomach hurt. Think of it as a placebo effect.

  5. If you drink green tea twice a day then, you will burn 80-100 calories per day.
    While black coffee consist of about 2 calories per cup and increase’s metabolism for about 50%.


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