How long should an inexpensive coffee maker last?

How long should an inexpensive coffee maker last?

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  1. Although I have no expertise in electronics or appliance repair, I went through many cheap coffee makers in my time.
    Assuming you’re talking about small home electric coffee makers, my experience has been that if you properly clean and maintain your equipment, you’ll get between 2 and 3 years on average of good performance from them. BUT, you do need to clean them.
    You should use only clean filtered water.
    Use a good descaler compound every few months and NOT that stupid trick of using vinegar, unless of course, you like vinegar flavor in your coffee.
    Do not leave the machine on any longer than necessary. If you’re not brewing or keeping the pot warm, turn it off.
    Rinse and clean all the removable parts after each use, including the filter basket, pot, and water reservoir.
    Run a little plain water through the machine until it comes out clear daily before brewing.
    These 5 little rules have helped me keep cheap coffee machines running well beyond their manufacturers’ warranty periods, and making reasonably good-tasting coffee. At home I’ve learned to spend a little more on my coffee makers not only to get longer use from them, but to get better-tasting coffee from them.

  2. It depends primarily on two factors, the amount of use it gets and water used in it.
    I’ve seen off-the-shelf Keurig machines last as little as a month in high use environments where on average 30–40 people made 1–3 cups of coffee per day.
    Hard water will shorten the life of any machine considerably.
    Then again, I happen to own an original Mr. Coffee drip brewer from the 1980s that is still going strong that gets occasional use, but was once my daily brewer as well as for my parents.
    In the last few months, I’ve had a half dozen or so drip percolators blow out at a customer of mine. These are decent quality commercial grade brewers that can make up to 100 cups per batch, but they do not hold up to the customer’s constant use. At $125 per machine, its an unwanted expense.
    Better machines are in the works, but require installation of 240v outlets and a dedicated water line.

  3. You ask: How long should an inexpensive coffee maker last ?
    Speaking of classical moka pots , they are so simple and sturdy they will probably last way longer than their original owners (minus the seal, handles and the emergency valve — which can be all be cheaply replaced in a matter of minutes when needed).

  4. I have a Mr.Coffee 12 cup Model D13. I purchased at a store for $4.00 in 2012 it was brand new and worked great. Now it’s not going on I think it may be clogged inside since sometimes it works. I certainly got my money’s worth and would love to fix it, since i am kind of emotionally attached to it.


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