How long should a first date be?

How long should a first date be?

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  1. Keep it short unless you take her home. 1 to 1.5 hours max. After that point it’ll be like grinding sawdust, so finish while everything is fresh and leave her with something to look forward to in the next date. It’s always best to create a bit of curiosity and not reveal your whole life the first time.

  2. According to my mother, any new interaction should last about 2–3 hours as less won’t let you get to know a person and more will have you run out of things to do or talk about as you shared everything you’re comfortable sharing for one interaction. In practice this rule has worked wonders and breaking leads to the above results. I hope that helps you as much as it helped me.

  3. 30 minute rule!
    Have a short date- Tea, quick dinner or drink with a good excuse to leave in 30 mins.
    Let me tell you how I arrived at this strategy.

    How long should a first date be?

    I had my long first date with an entrepreneur
    He talked about his startup. I could feel his passion for it in his words.
    The whole elevator speech sounded nice.
    After an hour of lunch, we decided to go for a walk.
    We walked for an hr talking about each other’s lives
    Then we decided to stop for coffee. He talked about his family and college days.
    The entire date went on for 4 hrs or so
    You will not believe what happened next !
    He never called again or met me again.

    Imagine meeting multiple people and spending 3-4 hours of your life only to never meet them again!
    Some people go on dates just to practice, you know, going on dates!
    You know what more important than a first date! A second date
    Most of the time that doesn’t happen. So its better to not spill all the beans and waste four hours of your time on the first date
    Keep it short, just access the person. For all you know they might not be a part of your life at all!
    Based on the first meet decide if you want to take it further with them.
    Just like friendship a relationship takes time to happen! Yes time. Stretch it over a few days, weeks, months. Dont over do it on the first date!
    Signing off with a KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)

  4. I don’t think there is a correct answer, but this is what I would do: I would schedule something with a friend, 2 or 2.5 hrs after the date (it has to be with a really good friend, you’ll see why).
    Then, I will go to the date. If things go really really great, and I don’t want the date to end, I would call my friend and cancel the plans with him/her. He or she will understand.
    But if the date isn’t that good, then I will have a legitimate excuse to end the date. Then I will go with my friend and talk about it during dinner or some beers.

  5. That depends on the people involved. My first date with my current boyfriend was at a park as it was during Covid. We liked each other a lot and talked for three hours. A police officer came and made us leave as she said the park was closed as it was dark. We still laugh about being chased out of the park.

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  6. It’s however long you want it to be.
    I used to meet for ice-cream or some sort of dessert. Keep it short in the beginning. If we clicked, then, of course, we would keep on talking. Or we would go somewhere else.
    If they object to that, great, because that tells me they are not worth my time.
    Come on, isn’t this just common sense?

  7. If you find the other person repulsive, 15 minutes tops.
    If you just aren’t a match, no more than an hour.
    If the woman gets wet and the guy gets hard just from listening to the other talk, then 4 hours, but make it 6 if you have a room nearby.

  8. How long should a first date be?
    I’ve always found first dates are best if they are short and super-simple.
    Meet up for a coffee early-ish in the day.
    If you like how things are going, you can do dinner, but keeping it casual makes it easy to end it and get on with your life if you don’t click.
    If they don’t drink coffee, most places will serve tea or cider as well.

  9. As long as it feels fun! I’ve had them last the whole weekend 😀 If it sucks though, I’d keep it short while still spending just long enough time on it out of politeness and respect for another person.

  10. That depends on how well it goes.
    If it is a disaster, it should last until you get your “emergency” call about your dog, plumbing or whatever about a half hour into it, or can escape to the restroom and out the side door. Maybe a half hour to an hour.
    If it is great, well, that depends on what you and your date want to do. You might find out what each other like for breakfast. 🙂

  11. Assuming it is not intended to end if a sexual,marathon, then I would think three hours, tops would be acceptable. It gives sufficient time to,overcome the mutual awkwardness and diffidence that characterise initial get- togethers, whilst allowing enough time to learn enough about one another to make the decision whether both parties think a subsequent meeting is wanted.

  12. A first date should be flexible, so as to allow you to continue if you like, but also to have a natural end if things aren’t going so well.
    For example, maybe you go meet for a couple drinks at happy hour. Get there at 6, talk until 7 or 7:30, do you go to the next place or do you part company?
    Maybe a bite to eat. You go eat, spend another our there, now it’s close to 9pm. The evening isn’t over, but the date might be. Or maybe you’re having a great time and there’s no reason to stop now.
    Go to a club or a bar and dance. Or maybe you go window shopping. What you do doesn’t really matter. Whatever it is should keep you busy for a couple of hours, max.
    It’s getting late. If you’ve made it this far, it’s a good idea to take her home. Walk her to her door. She might invite you in, but she might not. If she does, this part of the date might take more than a couple hours, but by that time, you’ll know without a doubt that the two of you hit it off.

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  13. How long should a first date be?
    As long as everyone involved wants it to last.
    My first date with my first wife lasted days. The plan was to have dinner Friday night. After dinner, we wanted it to continue. We went to hers and talked for hours. We decided to have sex, but neither of us had any condoms, so we limited ourselves to oral sex. The Saturday morning, we woke up and had more lovely oral, then I went to my place to shower and get clean clothes, buying a big box of condoms on the way.
    I went back to hers later that day. We both left her place Monday morning to go to work. My mother happened to be coming through town Monday evening, and I knew that my ex was going to be in my life for a long time, so I asked her to have dinner with my mom. I was pleasantly surprised that she agreed to meet the mom so soon.
    It was literally months before we spent the night apart. We were together for 17 years.

  14. Long enough to better understand each other and interact you’re creating memories for them to want to come back you have to leave a good cliffhanger but not leave them scattered and unsure



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