How long does one cup of coffee stay in the body?

How long does one cup of coffee stay in the body?

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  1. I am one of those people who is not affected by coffee/caffeine. I drink as much as I like and never worry about going to sleep. The disadvantage is if I get drowsy at work, I have no way of quickly shaking it off.
    I do have a friend who can’t drink coffee after about 11 AM or it will keep him up all night. I think that is an extreme though.
    Original question: How long does coffee last in your system?

  2. Assuming you are meaning how long does caffeine stay in the body it will take approximately 18 hours to for your body to process it below an effective level. You will still have traces of it up to 60 hours. Caffeine has a half life of 6 hours. That means that half will be eliminated in that time. Here’s a chart.
    Hour 0 100%
    Hour 6 50%
    Hour 12 25%
    hour 18 12.5%
    hour 24 6.25%
    hour 30 3.13%

  3. I’m currently a two cup a day drinker, to give you an idea of the level of my addiction. I tried detoxing last year.
    After skipping my morning dose on day one, i had a headache by mid morning. After lunch I had difficulty concentrating. The headache got worse, and I began to experience nasal stuffiness. It sort of felt like I had the flu.
    This feeling lasted two days. After that, I started to feel a little better, but I never felt as good as I did when having coffee. So after a week, I went back on the coffee, and now I know my addiction for what it is. I always have it in the house. I try not to skip a dose, for fear of withdrawal symptoms. Even when I go on vacation, I have a plan for always having caffeine around.
    So the short answer is, it takes a few days to get over the acute phase, but you never really get over it. At least that’s my experience.

  4. According to Wikipedia, the halflife of caffeine is 4.9 hours. Given that, it’ll take about 16 days to completely eliminate every caffeine molecule from your body.
    However, after a week the amount is negligible.

  5. About two or three hours, depending on several variables, including the dehydration level of the body.
    Re: How long does it take for a litre of water to go through our body?

  6. Well this is just, what I’ve read, as everyone’s different in this messed up world???
    Well I’ve read, caffeine stays in your body for, 12 hours, but the kicked is, it gives you a, 20–30 buzz, then mellowness follows, ooo bed time!!!

  7. Depending on how much water you consume.
    For every 1 cup of coffee, you need to wash it away with 4 glasses of water.
    An that is ON TOP of your daily consumption of 8 glasses of water.

  8. I’ve taken a couple caffeine breaks. It took me roughly 10–14 days to fully detox. After 2 weeks, I had no problem waking up in the morning, and in a lot of ways I had more energy than I do when I drink caffeine. I missed the taste of coffee, though!
    Coffee is a stimulant, so if you want more information, look up ‘stimulant withdrawal’, and you’ll find good info on how long it takes.


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