How long does a regular can of monster energy keep you up for?

How long does a regular can of monster energy keep you up for?

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  1. The main energy-boosting ingredient in Monster (and most energy drinks) is caffeine.
    A regular 16 fl.oz Monster contains 179mg of caffeine , which is around twice as much as the average cup of coffee contains.
    Caffeine becomes fully absorbed into your bloodstream after about 45 minutes and can continue to affect you for between 5 and 7 hours, depending on your tolerance.
    Caffeine affects different people in different ways. Some people can drink a lot of it and barely feel it, while others feel the effects even when they drink only a little.
    According to the US FDA, you should never consume more than 400mg of caffeine in a single day.
    So, a regular Monster contains a little less than half of what the FDA says is safe to consume in a day – no problems there.
    Then there’s the sugar.
    A regular Monster contains a whopping 54g of sugar in a single can.
    To put that in perspective, the American Heart Association recommends that you consume NO MORE than this much sugar per day:
    25g for healthy adult women
    37.5g for healthy adult men
    Can you see the problem here?
    A single can of Monster contains WAYYYYY more sugar than the AHA says you should have in a day. That’s without factoring in any other sugar you might be getting elsewhere in your diet too.
    Sugar is great for giving you a short term energy boost, but it’s often followed by a nasty sugar crash a couple of hours later.
    In terms of how long a regular Monster will keep you up for, that will vary from person to person and depends on how you are affected by the caffeine and sugar.
    If you want to read more about Monster Energy Drink ingredients, I’ve written everything you need to know in this article which you should check out.
    I hope this answer was helpful ✌🏼

  2. I think it depends on your body, last night i had a can of monster and a coffe, and after 1 hour i went to sleep and i slept for 10 hours just like a baby

  3. Each persons’ effects are very different, based on metabolism, weight, and tolerance. The reason “5 Hour energy” got its name is because 1/2 life of caffeine is 5-hours, meaning after 5 hours its effects in the body start dulling down. I have heard of people that lose effects as early as 2/3 hours, and in other cases, have them last as much as 10 hours. The amount of caffeine has little to do with the length of effects – higher the caffeine higher the boost but the duration is similar nonetheless.
    As J. Curtis mentioned below, there are a lot of additional ingredients that do change this outcome, and generally, enhance the overall effect. I’m more about “clean energy” so I only prefer caffeine and vitamin Bs. 80mg caffeine is what a small Red Bull can has, Monster has 160mg, and others have as much as 200 (5-Hour) and more (Bang.) I suggest staying on the lower range for sure.
    Hope that answers your question because the real simple answer would have been, “it depends!”

  4. It is very personal. Depends on how tall and heavy you are, how quickly you burn energy, if you go for a 5 mile run afterwards and so forth.
    If you are a couch potato eating chips, the biggest effect can wear off in 3 hours or so but you will have caffeine in your blood for 10–12 hours afterwards at least. If you drink one late in the day, it will negatively affect your sleep, you will probably fall asleep but your sleep will be of bad quality.

  5. Caffeine will only stay with you for ~3–4 hours, generally speaking, and of course this is very different for us depending on age, weight, health, diet, etc.
    So if you consume 100mg or 300mg you’ll probably have the same-ish energy feelings for about that long, maybe less, maybe more.
    I’ve found a better solution to keep the energy flowing for longer and with much better results from a health and ingredient perspective: Punch’d Energy. Amazon’s Choice for Caffeine Gummies.
    Gummies are a great way to caffeinate, and Punch’d Energy is the first to use green coffee caffeine. All natural and organic ingredients, not a lot of sugar so there are no insulin/blood sugar spikes, and the cool thing is that you can pop as many or as few gummies as needed for energy. 10mg/per gummie means you can dial in, optimize or ‘Personalize Your Power’ to you.
    Cool concept right? In my case I’ll chew half a pack in the am, another pack or full pack in the afternoon depending on what I need to get done. That’s about a cup, cup and a half of pure green coffee. You may want to try less, or maybe even more. Cost effective and super convenient: PunchdEnergy. com


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