How is coffee powder made? Can I make it at home?

How is coffee powder made? Can I make it at home?

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  1. How is Instant Coffee Made?
    Basically, instant coffee is just regularly brewed coffee with nearly all the water removed.
    It’s not that mysterious a process at all. There is no strange chemical adulteration that goes on. Instant coffee is still pure coffee.
    There are two methods for producing instant coffee crystals: freeze-drying and spray-drying . Prior to drying, the brewed coffee may (or may not be) concentrated with vacuum evaporation (a process in which the coffee can boil at a lower temperature; it’s also used to make ketchup, powdered milk and other commercial foods) or freeze concentration (a more flavour-friendly process in which water-based ice is removed, leaving a more concentrated liquid behind; it’s also used to make concentrated fruit juices, apple jack and concentrated vinegars) .
    The freeze-drying method preserves the most ‘coffee flavour,’ but it’s a more involved procedure. First, coffee or a coffee concentrate (made by freeze concentration) is rapidly frozen to around -40 Celsius. It’s placed into a drying chamber, a vacuum is created in the chamber and then the chamber is heated. As the frozen coffee warms up, the frozen water rapidly expands into gas in a process called sublimation . What’s left is dry grains of coffee.
    The second method of making instant coffee is the spray-drying method . In this method, coffee or concentrated coffee is sprayed from a high tower in a large hot-air chamber. As the droplets fall, the remaining water evaporates. Dry crystals of coffee fall to the bottom of the chamber. The transition from liquid coffee to instant coffee takes only 5 to 30 seconds. Wow! Unfortunately, in this process, the high temperatures involved tend to affect the oils of the coffee and more flavour is lost. Also, it often produces too fine of a powder, so the powder grains have to be fused together with additional processing involving steam in order for the powder to be acceptable for consumers.
    source How’s Instant Coffee Made?


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