How hot is the coffee at Starbucks?

How hot is the coffee at Starbucks?

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  1. Coffee is brewed between 195°-205° F (90–96° C.) It is served from insulated pots, so there us very little heat loss until it is served. At Starbucks, expect coffee to be anywhere from 180–190° F. Their procedures require them to brew a new pot every 30 minutes or hour (depending on store,) so unless they arent following those procedures the coffee should be extremely hot.

  2. I’m not a Starbucks worker, but you can read from this page.
    The Four Fundamentals of Brewing Great Coffee
    No coffee will provide anything above 100 degrees Celsius as that is the boiling point for water. Starbucks page provided 90–96 degrees Celsius.
    Hope that helps you.

  3. Good grief.
    No, Starbucks coffee is not served at body heat of 96 F, nor is it EVER served at 190 F.
    The sooner after it’s brewed, the hotter it will be. Not every holding urn maintains the same temperature.
    Brewed coffee is typically served at around 160–170 degrees F.

  4. It depends on what drink you’re asking about.
    For optimum taste and flavor profile, traditional coffee at Starbucks (Pike Place, Blonde Roast, Dark Roast, etc) is brewed at approximately 190 F. It is held at about 165 F for service.
    For latté style “coffee” drinks, the milk is steamed to approximately 155 F. It can be changed upon customer request, however. It can be ordered extra hot, 170–180 F, or kids temp, 130 F.
    If you ever find you coffee to be too hot, you can also request the barista to put some ice in your cup before pouring the coffee to help cool it down a little quicker.


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