How hard is it to grow your own coffee plant and make your own coffee?

How hard is it to grow your own coffee plant and make your own coffee?

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  1. I had a friend who had coffee trees on his property in Panama. He occasionally picked and roasted the beans. The process is something like this: pick beans, dry beans, remove pulp and skin, roast beans, grind beans, make coffee. It’s easier to buy it in the supermarket.

  2. It depends on where you live. If you want to grow a coffee plant in the tropics, you’ll find it fairly easy to grow an outdoor plant.
    it Is fairly easy to grow a single coffee plant as an indoor plant. It is super easy to make a cup of coffee all on your own while you grow that coffee plant. If you are asking if it is easy to grow your own coffee, harvest, roast, grind and brew it, the answer is that it is extremely time consuming and difficult.
    If you are a master of cultivating, either outdoors or indoors, be prepared for no coffee for 5 years while the plant matures. Once it produces cherries, expect an annual harvest of roughly enough beans to supply one person about 3 weeks worth of coffee.
    Of course harvesting at the right time is important too. The cherries don’t all ripen at the same time.
    With one plant, you won’t have an opportunity to make a blend. The blend is what makes a good tasting coffee. The plants are a lot like wine grapes in that they exhibit flavor characteristics depending on terroir. Among the grading characteristics of coffee beans are:
    Altitude and Region
    Botanical variety
    Washed beans or natural
    Bean size and uniformity of shape and color
    Percent of defects
    Roast appearance, flavor, characteristics, cleanliness etc
    Density of beans
    Your single plant will produce a variety of bean sizes and shapes, some will have defects. These differences affect how uniformly the beans will roast and the roast will affect how the ground beans will taste when brewed. Roasting small and large beans in the same batch can result in the smaller beans burning while leaving the larger beans underdone. The result is a relatively foul tasting cup of coffee. So, you’ll need to decide how you’ll grade and roast your beans.
    You’ll need to decide on a grind to match your coffee making hardware. You’ll need to achieve the appropriate grind and then use your brewing hardware properly to brew your cup of coffee.
    To some, this may seem a lot of work for 20 cups of coffee a year. Others may find it a rewarding hobby. On the scale of easy to hard this is near the top of difficulty to achieve a beautiful cup of coffee at the end of the process.

  3. Is Not hard if Leave in are who has Nice whether it after You plant that second Year You my get first small Production Year Tree You get better Production

  4. Don’t do it. Coffee flavor depends strongly on climate and soil, especially nutrients and minerals within the soil based on location. Growing your own coffee won’t be at all similar to other fruits or veggies; it won’t taste better than store-bought.


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