How effective is the combination of black coffee, lemon juice, and hot water to weight loss?

How effective is the combination of black coffee, lemon juice, and hot water to weight loss?

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  1. How effective is the combination of black coffee, lemon juice, and hot water to weight loss?

    Can Drinking Coffee With Lemon Really Help With Weight Loss? Experts Break This Viral Trend Down
    Have you ever wondered why cafes don’t offer lemon latte? Well, the idea of ​​squeezing sour lemon into a cup of bitter coffee not only doesn’t have the same tasty appeal as adding cinnamon or chocolate, but the acid in the lemon juice would curdle any sweetening milk your drink.
    Still, that didn’t stop a barrage of TikTok users from mixing instant coffee with hot water and lemon juice, sucking it off with a comedic smile on their face, and pretending the drink is a quick and easy way to lose weight.
    In fact, the #lemoncoffee hashtag now has over 8 million views, and there are countless YouTube videos claiming the Lemon Coffee Hack is the “Best Belly Fat Burner !!” magically melt the pounds in just 3, 7 or 9 days.
    Oh please.
    “My first thought when I heard about this trend was that it doesn’t look very tasty!” says Alexandra Sowa, MD, physician specializing in metabolic health, clinical professor of medicine at the NYU School of Medicine, and founder of SoWell Health.
    (Although swimming coffee with lemon juice sounds pretty exciting if you’re used to a creamy, sweet morning brew, there is an Algerian tradition of drinking Mazagran, which is basically iced coffee with a lemon wedge.) is weight loss happening? “There is no evidence that there is any particular benefit to drinking these two ingredients together,” says Dr. Sowa.
    So where did this idea come from and how did it take off? Well, if you remember the bulletproof coffee craze a few years ago, as well as the long history of detox teas, celery juice diets, apple cider vinegar, and from any other liquid-based weight loss hack For the past few decades, there has always been the idea that swallowing a magic potion can give you the body you want, without having to adjust your eating or exercise habits.
    And this one in particular combines two things that you probably have on your kitchen counter right now. “It’s very likely to be appealing because the combination is easy, inexpensive, and natural,” says Maryann Walsh, RD, a Florida-based dietitian.
    By using two elements that are as natural as possible, coffee and lemon, you will probably easily gain confidence, even when the real science of whether or not this combination really works is lacking. “
    As for TikTok’s trends or “challenges”, at least this one seems pretty trivial. It reportedly gained traction when someone edited clips from a well-known Los Angeles ophthalmologist to make it look like he approved of the drink (spoiler alert: he didn’t).
    But more importantly, it combines two scientific elements that have a bit of truth behind them, which makes it believable enough to gain traction.
    Let’s explore coffee for weight loss.
    Black coffee, which is almost calorie-free, has long been a staple of diets. It is, of course, thanks to caffeine, a stimulant that can make your body’s motor speed up during the day. Dr Sowa explains how: “Caffeine works by blocking a neurotransmitter called adenosine, which can lead to an increase in stimulating neurotransmitters like dopamine, which helps you feel more awake and energized – which is why everyone is taking our morning coffee, ”she said.
    While there is some evidence that this process can increase your basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy your cells burn just by maintaining your body’s basic functions), Dr. Sowa notes that to gain this benefit, you must drink caffeine. in large amounts (one study estimated the amount to be four cups per day) and it would affect your health in other ways, including decreased sleep, increased anxiety, and dehydration.
    Plus, any boost would be short-lived as your body would begin to tolerate caffeine, says Dr. Sowa. “No doctor that I know of would recommend this as a way to lose weight,” he adds.
    And lemon for weight loss?
    Let’s move on to the second ingredient in this magical concoction, the bright citrus, lemon. You may have heard that drinking lemon water can help you lose weight, but the focus here should be on the second word of this sentence, not the first.
    “There’s nothing magic about lemon – it’s about staying hydrated by drinking water, and lemon just adds flavor,” says Dr. Sowa. “There are complex biochemical processes behind it, but the most fundamental thing is that drinking water keeps you full. We get these hunger signals in our brain which are often real thirst signals, but your body knows that if you tell it to eat something, while eating, it will usually consume water. Just by staying hydrated, you can usually stifle some of these signals. “
    And then, of course, there is this simple fact: “You may read that lemon water is beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight, but often times it is simply because the person switches from sugary drinks to sugar. lemon water ”, Walsh. adds.
    The bottom line:
    Hey, if you like the taste of lemon in black coffee, go for it. In the name of science and journalism I have tried it and found it to taste surprisingly good – invigorating, but not as bitter as I expected, although I have no plans to replace my daily latte. oatmeal.
    If you replace a high calorie morning drink, say a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte, with unsweetened black coffee with lemon, then yes, there could be a weight loss benefit.
    But instead of taking the joy out of your morning ritual by forcing yourself to drink something you don’t like, take this advice from Dr Sowa: just drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up, to be sure you are rehydrate you. , then enjoy your usual cup of coffee without lemon.
    “Remember, any health or weight loss hack that seems too fast, too easy, or too good to be true usually is,” she says.

  2. It depends what you’re doing with it.
    If you add those things to your existing diet, with no other changes, there will be no effect.
    If you use them instead of something highly calorific, e.g. replacing large quantities of non-diet soda or full-fat lattes, then potentially very effective. Substituting a high calorie drink with a zero calorie drink will reduce your overall calorie intake, and as long as you don’t make any other adjustments to compensate, then that’s exactly what you need to do for weight loss.
    Just drinking plain cold water would be equally effective, of course. But if you like black coffee and lemon juice, you do you.


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