How does Tim Hortons coffee compare to Starbucks coffee?

How does Tim Hortons coffee compare to Starbucks coffee?

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  1. I’ve worked at Starbucks before. I can tell you that while their pastries/treats are yummy, they’re horribly overpriced. $2 and some cents for a basic glazed donut? Um, no. I can go to Tim Hortons and get a better glazed donut for less than a dollar. Hell, I can get two and a half glazed donuts for the price of one Starbucks donut. Or I can even mix it up and get two and a half different donuts each! I can also get a extra large coffee and a muffin, bagel, donut, Danish, or a cinnamon roll for less than $5. I can get a box of timbits for the price of a single latte at Starbucks.
    All in all, Tim Hortons not only has better pastries, but you also get more for your money than if you got your coffee and pastries from Starbucks.

  2. Tim Hortons gets my vote because it’s less bitter. I also like their coffee shops better.
    That said, I suspect this is like arguing Coke vs Pepsi!

  3. A2A
    In comparison, I find the Tim Hortons coffee so much easier to order. Starbucks coffee, to me, is for the coffee educated. If you know the difference between a mochiato and an americano and a double espresso with half fat soy latte hold the foam, and you are okay with paying the outrageous price, than maybe Starbucks is better? Honestly, I usually only get the cold drinks because they taste yummy.
    When it comes to coffee, I like it simple, and that is why I go to Tim Hortons. I don’t care about half fat, soy milk, or whatever else goes in or out of a Starbucks coffee. I just want my cream and sugar. No customar at Tim Hortons tells you to hold somethig back because you either want it or you don’t and if you don’t you just say “black”. Plain and simple.
    What they need at Starbucks is a manual on how to order coffee. Tim Hortons just needs to know whether you want milk or cream and/or sugar or splenda.
    So, do I prefer Starbucks or Tim Hortons coffee, when it comes to taste? I have only ordered a coffee from Tim Hortons, due to the difficulty of ordering, so I am currently biased towards Tim Hortons coffee. It is also cheaper. I like cheaper. Cheap and simple – thats my kind of coffee.

  4. If you’re talking about “regular” brewed, drip coffee, I would be lead to say that most people seem to prefer Tim Horton’s over Starbucks’ because they offer a lighter taste, hence a stronger caffeine content (the more you roast coffee, the less caffeine it contains.)
    However, Tim Horton’s also offers a dark roast option for people who would prefer a bolder taste.

    As for Starbucks, we serve a blonde, a medium and a dark roast in almost every store, brewed and serve everyday and always fresh. Our dark roast will defer from time to time (eg: during Christmas time we will have the Christmas Blend).

    Now, for espresso based beverages, Starbucks’ attention to detail is much stronger and ALL beverages are hand crafted compared to Tim Horton’s where it is mostly automatically made by machines.

    In the end, there can not be a definitive objective answer. Every one has different criterias for their coffee and every one has different taste. We can compared the coffee objectively to a certain limit, but we sure can not tell you which is the best. That is for yourself to decided.

  5. The original question before it was merged was “Why is Tim Horton’s coffee better than Starbucks?” I didn’t find that to be the case. On a visit to Victoria, BC, I went to a Tim Horton’s because I heard many people said it was superior to Starbucks. I found the service to be great, the donuts were great, and the latte I received comparable to a latte from a convenience store latte machine. In fact, the Horton’s latte appeared to come from a similar machine. It was drinkable for sure, but seemed a little flat and tasteless to me. My wife and I then went to a Starbucks in the same city and found our beverages to be much more flavorful. Of course, it may be that the Starbucks drink was just more like what we were used to. Maybe the drinks we received from Horton’s were not made properly. Next time I’m in Canada, I’ll give them another try.

  6. Tim Hortons Coffee is MUCH better than Starbucks Coffee!!! Well in my opinion!! Because my dad loves Tim Coffee, especially Dark Roast Double Double

  7. Tim Horton’s!
    Their Timbits are basically lovely soft donut balls (taste way better than they sounds, and they sound damn good) – and you can get 10 Timbits for like…wait for it…2 dollars. 2 dollars!
    Also, Canadian dollars. That’s less than 2 American dollars. How awesome is that?
    Compare amazing, small, bigger-than-bite-sized donuts that come in 10 different flavours to the overpriced desserts at Starbucks. No thank you.
    Tim Hortons for the win. (#CanadaRepresent)

  8. Tim Hortons is superior to Duncan Donuts and Starbucks can be vastly superior to both. Starbucks has a larger variety and while sometimes roasted too dark you can find an acceptable blend. I prefer an independent coffee roaster myself.

  9. If you’re talking about “regular” brewed, drip coffee, I would be lead to say that most people seem to prefer Tim Horton’s over Starbucks’ because they offer a lighter taste, hence a stronger caffeine content (the more you roast coffee, the less caffeine it contains.)

  10. Honestly? I’ve never had Tim Horton’s coffee, but I’ve heard that it’s incredibly popular in Canada. Someone even said that “Finding an adult in Canada who had never had Tim Hortons coffee before is the same as finding an adult in the U.S. who had never tried a McDonald’s hamburger.”
    Of course, Starbucks does make some exceptionally good coffee.

  11. Tim hortons is a low class, no customer service, mcdonalds type of cafe. You’re just another person holding money, which you will give them in exchange for a mass produced product. Then they offer you non comfortable seating, no wifi , no power in the wall so you’ll end up leaving fast.
    Starbucks on the other hand sell you personnalized products, have comfy seating, wifi and power, which as a consequence costs more.
    If you just want the coffee and leave, go to tim. If you want to sit or meet, go to Starbucks.
    As they say, you get what you pay for.

  12. It really depends what you as a customer prefer, you would go to Tim Hortons for a coffee and a donut, whereas you would go to Starbucks for a “higher end” drink such as a pumpkin spice latte or caramel macchiato. But I’m general tim Hortons is lower priced and the quality of food is still quite good compared to cost of Starbucks

  13. Frederic, I have to disagree with your opinion wholeheartedly. In a city, lets say Chicago, Starbucks is the more well known cafe, because of this, more people tend to go there. It’s a better branded company.
    I think that if there is more people in a business, those people running that business are not going to have as much time meeting and greeting.
    Logically, the smaller company would have more time available to become more personal with its clients. However, at any place, if you are a regular to one particular cafe, then regardless they will come to know your face and start building a personal relationship with you.
    Basically, it comes down to personal preference, if you like Tim Horton’s – go to Tim Hortons, If you like Starbucks – go there, eventually they will come to know who you are. At Tim Horton’s they once said “You come here a lot, we know who you are, this one is on us.” And handed me a free coffee, that is why i’m loyal to Tim Horton’s.

  14. Woah woah woah
    It isn’t.
    Unless your personal taste dictates otherwise.
    But no, go to Starbucks if you want coffee that isn’t instant tasting.
    But, if you were wanting something to eat, Tim’s has amazing sandwiches, and I will say I’ve used many more Tim’s coupons than Starbucks (I’ve actually never seen a Starbucks coupon, but I’m sure they’re out there).
    That being said, I believe Tim’s is cheaper, and if you don’t ~really~ care about coffee (quality *ahem* coffee quality) then Tim’s is better… I guess. They also have been expanding their coffee selection, they have espresso now (or maybe they had it before and I never knew), they have a lot more selection bagged coffee wise (than they used to), and you get your great sandwiches.
    But no, in this barista’s opinion, Tim Horton’s is not better than Starbucks.
    But I’ve never worked for Tim’s.

  15. Starbucks coffee is much, much more expensive than Tim Hortons coffee. This is partly because they promote a very customized product, partly because they sell large products (they don’t have a “small” size), partly to appear to be a premium product, and partly to make more money.
    Tim’s offers two blends: regular and dark roast. Both are always available. Starbucks seems to have several blends, but you never know which ones they’ll have in your store at any given time. I was once told they’d developed a blend called ‘True North’ that was popular up here in Canada, so would be in all the stores all the time. A few weeks later, I was told it wasn’t available after 6 p.m. What’s the point of developing a product people like if you’re not willing to make it available?
    I mentioned that Starbucks coffee is more customizable. You can choose your amount of fat or sweet, milk, cream, soy milk, etc., shots of flavouring, foam or whipped cream, etc. You can even specify the temperature you want. Tim’s will vary the amount and type of sweetener, milk or cream, and flavour shots.
    Finally, there’s taste, which is very subjective. I like Tim’s regular blend as it’s a nice, smooth blend, and isn’t too bitter. Starbucks blends all seem to be bitter, as they seem like the beans have been burnt in the roasting process. Generally, Canadians agree with me. I read that in Canada, Tim Hortons sells 80% of all the coffee consumed outside the home. Starbucks is in second place with a 3% share. These figures were about 5–6 years ago, before McDonalds started heavily promoting their coffee and calling their restaurants ‘cafes’.

  16. Depends whether you want good coffee or a the coffee house experience. Tim Hortons has superior coffee. It’s believable as 100% arabica, light and not too acidic and easy to drink black. A decent cup of coffee. Regular Starbucks coffee is way over roasted, disgusting, and needs sugar and milk. That’s probably by design as they can get away with selling low quality coffee at premium prices due to the strong brand value.

    Eight O’Clock

  17. Original question: What makes Tim Hortons better than Starbucks?
    Starbucks is 4.27 km away. Tim Horton’s is 143 metres away. That’s true for most of Canada. There are way more Timmies than Starbucks.
    I prefer the food in terms of cost, variety, and taste at Tim Horton’s. If I’m hungry, I’ll go to Timmies every time over Starbucks. It’s very familiar and feels like home in a way.

  18. Starbucks coffee has great coffee, but its more in price, lets compare, for a small, Starbucks price $1.72, Tim Hortons price $1.55, for a medium $2.21 and $1.74, large $2,54 and $2.00, why jack up the price on the same coffee beans.

  19. Thanks for the A2A.
    My wife likes Tim’s. I prefer Starbucks. Guess where we go? (Well, there is also the fact that we have to drive at least half an hour to get to the nearest Starbucks— but we still almost always go to the Tim’s across the road.)

  20. Better how?
    If you’re asking which one tastes better, your answer won’t be found on Quora, it’ll be found after trying both brands. Taste is a matter of opinion, and as such can’t be articulated by the preferences of one responder.

  21. I prefer Tim Hortons Iced coffee and filter coffee over the same at Starbucks. They seem to be smoother tasting and less bitter at Tim Hortons (and not to mention cheaper for your daily fix!)
    But for espresso drinks, I prefer Starbucks. I like my espresso drinks strong and more on the bitter side and I find I get this more consistently at Starbucks.


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  23. Tim Horton’s is more of a fast food kind of atmosphere, better for when you need a quick drink that tastes better than instant or generic restaurant coffee. They offer few condiments other than say milk/cream and sugar (or Splenda). The good news is that if you are in Canada they are so common there’s probably one near you right now (if you’re in a city, that is), not to mention compared to places it’s relatively cheap. Sadly, no free refills, and their lids for their hot coffee spill too easily.
    Starbucks is a more upscale place, serving higher quality coffee in a more relaxed and mature atmosphere. Their coffee is about 2 times as expensive as Tim Horton’s and normal customers won’t get refills either, but if you join the Rewards program they will grant you free refills of the cheaper hot/ice coffee/tea. They tend to have a lot of higher quality condiments like Stevia. The atmosphere is generally better suited for sitting there long hours to work.
    Overall, I would rate Starbucks coffee to be better than Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons at its core is a fast food establishment, whereas Starbucks being an upscale coffee place puts more emphasis on the quality of their products. Still, I’d generally take either over instant coffee or the generic coffee served at non-specialty restaurants.

    Victor Allen’s

  24. In order to compare Tim Hortons and Starbucks coffee properly, you have to take away the cream and sugar. Most people at Tim Hortons seem to order a double double (two cream two sugar), with some ordering coffees with six creams and five sugars. That means anywhere from 1/3 to 3/4 of the coffee isn’t actually coffee but a mixture of cream and sugar. Take these things away, and Tim Hortons coffee is practically flavourless. Starbucks coffee is more flavoured although a bit sour if you order medium or dark roast, which is why I stick with blonde roast.

  25. Well, it depends on your perspective. What do you want? What defines better? The larger players of the ‘expensive coffee service food industry’ have convinced the consuming public that coffee is very expensive. It is not. A high quality coffee can be had at middle-class prices. We also have a mentality in society that ‘status’ means everything. You put these ideas together and their are some who believe you get better if you pay for it. Personally, I believe many sophisticated coffee products are significantly overpriced. In Canada, you can walk into a Tim Hortons with a friend and get something for you both with a $10 bill in your pocket-and get change back. At Starbucks, you’ll need a $20 bill. Add to this, the robust business structure of TH vs. Starbucks in Canada: Tim Hortons are Franchisee-Owned. Each Franchisee has a community-support mentality that we can both benefit from our consumers being local and be an exceptional community supporter. It’s not just the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation Camps (7 presently) in Canada and the USA that support economically disadvantaged children almost year-round. It’s the Timbits Sports, Family Skates, the THCF Youth Leadership Program, Smile Cookie Charity Campaigns, local product donations, local product giveaways, Roll Up the Rim, specialty donut for immediate & necessary fundraising….I could go on. And on top of it all, we serve pretty decent quality food. I would defy anyone to find another middle-class coffee shop that has this much commitment to the communities in which they reside, right across Canada and in various locations in the USA.

  26. Both do very poor quality coffee
    it is a bit like comparing a “punch in the eye” & a “punch on the nose”
    Both hurt but you would rather one than the other


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