How does Jerry Seinfeld make money on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee?

How does Jerry Seinfeld make money on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee?

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  1. The series is available on Netflix. I am sure Netflix is paying Jerry.
    That’s of course direct payout. There is also indirect payout. Seinfeld keeps his fan base happy and they still come to see him when he performs live.

  2. First, there hasn’t been an “episode” in quite a while and I’m wondering if Jerry’s off to doing something else.
    Second, Seinfeld is a multi millionaire, so it’s more than possible that “money” isn’t his main or only motivation. Not that there aren’t other payoffs.
    Seinfeld is a performer and performers love to perform. I remember reading that he wasn’t interested in working on another TV show or movies because they were too involved and required too much of a commitment. At that time he was considering sticking to making one minute commercials.
    I suspect that Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee offers him a comfortable compromise where he derives the pleasure of performing without the disadvantages and downsides that come with stand up, TV, and movies.
    He earned his fortunes from “a show about nothing.” The initial concept for his show was that it would be about what he enjoys doing. Walking around with a friend and discussing whatever they feel like talking about. That’s essentially what Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is about.
    In other words, one payoff is an excuse to “perform” while hanging out with his buddies. (Speaking of his buddies, why hasn’t Paul Riser been on yet?)
    Another payoff is that it’s an excuse for a car buff to borrow a different and unique car for each episode. Granted, Seinfeld doesn’t need an excuse to get people to lend him cars he’d like to take out for a drive, but having a “show” does make it less of a favor (that’s expected to be repaid) and more of a promotional opportunity for the autos’ owners. At no charge to Jerry.
    One more possibility. Years ago I spent 13 weeks in an intensified filmmaking course at NYU. One instructor, a producer, kept commenting about who ended up with a new garage, home addition, luxury car, or first class tickets to different exotic locations as little bonuses that came out of the film’s budget.
    At the very least, Jerry’s involvement in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee offers multiple opportunities to “legitimately” write off travel, lodging, entertainment, and related expenses associated with visits to the different locations where the (either unpaid or working for minimum scale) friends, who appear with him, happen to be. In his tax bracket, that’s like getting up to a 40 – 50% discount on expenses he’d probably be incurring anyway.
    And then there the very real possibility that one day he’ll sell the series to a company for a nice chunk of change and the episodes will be turned into a special gift boxed DVD set that retails for $29.95 and includes an exclusive interview (along with commentary) with Seinfeld explaining why he did it and how much fun he had doing it.

  3. Sony and Acura pay for it. Sony distributes it through Crackle and there are Acura commercials at the beginning and end if each episode. Jerry is already very wealthy, so this is really just a vanity project. I would be willing to bet that the goal for him is to break even and for Crackle to gain more users.

  4. I saw two Acura commercials on the couple of 13 minute episodes that I watched. I am sure that Acura paid handsomely for that. The Cost of production has to be next to nothing.

  5. Even if there are no ads, Sony and whatever other companies that own Crackle likely pay him do the show because it brings in new viewers to Crackle cause that’s the only way I watch it, streaming through my roku/PS3 onto my tv. Besides, the guy is crazy wealthy so I don’t think paying a few camera and editing people, plus a meal at a dinner with a friend will bust him.


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