How does coffee affect gut flora?

How does coffee affect gut flora?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “is coffee bad for your gut

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  1. ummm…. Anything you eat “disturbs” your gut flora one way or another; the concept “disturb” is disturbingly vague, when you think about it.
    The human body- all systems- is always in a state of imbalance and so it is always seeking balance, which is called homeostasis. Problem is, if the entire body is in a perfect state of balance- homeostasis- it’s probably dead. The body is a teeter-totter, not a paperweight. So, if you eat some yummy cucumbers marinated in vinegar and onions, or a nice portion of oatmeal with brown sugar and cream, yes, the flora in your digestive tract will be thrown a bit more off-balance and then recover its balance unless you have something really wrong with your digestive system. The substances which make up coffee can also change the flora’s balance, but, again, that balance is restored because that’s what the body is seeking: Balance.
    Every inhalation, every exhalation, every movement, heartbeat, lip-lick, touch- all of it changes a portion of the balance the body seeks. As long as you are generally healthy, that balance comes back to as close to homeostasis as the body can get without death.


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