How do you turn on an Oxo coffee maker?

How do you turn on an Oxo coffee maker?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to use oxo coffee maker

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  1. Not sure which Oxo coffee maker you have. I found a couple of videos online, one for the 8 cup style , and one for the 9 cup style .
    In general, you make sure the machine is plugged in, and select the range of amount of coffee you will be making (if applicable), and press the power button, which might be labeled OXO or have a power icon on it. Possibly you press the power button first, then the size selector. My Krups requires the power button to be pressed twice, the first time it turns the indicator red, the second time it turns green, indicating that it is on. Hopefully some of this information will help you.
    If you still cannot figure it out, look in the owner’s manual for your machine. If you no longer have it, determine the proper model number (might be on the back or bottom, if it’s not on the front) and search online for a manual, lots of product manuals are available online. First try to find it on the manufacturer’s website, if they have one, and go to a search engine if it cannot be found on the manufacturer’s website.


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