How do you remove stains from white quartz kitchen counters? We’ve noticed metal or certain foods will discolor the surface.

How do you remove stains from white quartz kitchen counters? We’ve noticed metal or certain foods will discolor the surface.

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  1. Quartz. Countertops are very sensitive to staining. I don’t put metal pots directly on mine, but use a potholder or towel underneath. I am careful to wipe up spills right away. Many acidic foods will stain a quartz countertop.
    One person recommended CLR. This is an acid based cleaner appropriate for cleaning porcelain and tile grout. I would never use it on a Quartz countertop because it could easily cause more damage.
    As far as I know, there are no cleaning products you can buy that would be guaranteed to removing stains from a quartz countertop. You might try polishing out the stain with a paste of baking soda and a little water. This won’t damage your countertop, and it might help. Do stay away from anything acidic.

  2. For a food stain a poultice of baby powder and hydrogen peroxide mixed into a paste and allowed to sit on the stain for 24hours should remove it nicely. Amazon sells an oil removing poultice though I don’t know what its called but it does a fantastic job on granite. As for a chemical stain like rust, Amazon again has a product for removing rust stains from concrete that works smashingly well. Keep in mind apart from the rust remover which I’ve never used on a counter I’ve used these methods on granite so you should probably spot test before you do it in the middle of your quartz tops. Or alternatively you could contact a countertop installer and be virtually guaranteed they can get it out. Granted they won’t do it for free but it shouldn’t take them more than an hour.

  3. Anything you try do it on an inconspicuous are first obviously to determine if the solution can become a problem. Rust, maybe a product called CRL it’s for removing calcium, lime, rust stains, hence the name. Again, on an inconspicuous spot, underneath or pull out a drawer and do it there. I had stained a marble top and used regular household cleaning stuff, I think i used comet can’t remember exactly but no big deal.

  4. There’s a well-known stone countertop company called BC Stone. They recommend:
    Step 1: Removing Tough Stains From Your Quartz Tops
    You will need some adhesive remover to rub away tough stains. Take a wet rag or cloth and use a cleaner like Goo Gone. Pour the cleaner directly on the stain and let it stay there for 5 to 10 minutes before you wipe it off. Once you have wiped off the counter, you should wipe it off again using warm water. An alternative to the Goo Gone is caramel. This may sound strange but it will work because of the sticker like qualities that it has which will help in pulling off the gooey stains.
    Step 2: Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
    Take a wet rag with some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and rub the stain using the wet towel or cloth. Next, you are going to want to wipe the counter again using just warm water. This will help with any tough stains that would not come off with a simple water and soap mix.
    Step 3: Deep Clean Quartz With A Glass Cleaner
    Take a safe glass cleaner and pray it on your quartz tops. Let the glass cleaner liquid sit for a few minutes before you wipe down the counters using a wet cloth. While some quartz companies say it is perfectly okay to use glass cleaners, others want you to stay far away from them. Just to remain on the safe side, we encourage you to call your quartz company and ask them if it is okay to use a glass cleaner to deep clean your quartz.
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