How do you make iced coffee like Tim Hortons?

How do you make iced coffee like Tim Hortons?

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  1. Okay, because I actually work there, let me tell you how, to my limited knowledge.
    Brew coffee. Stick it in the fridge, but make sure it is in a spot where it won’t freeze.
    We use 18% Dairyland cream. Y’know, generic-brand. Spice it up with some flavoured cream, even!
    Now for the hard part. We have a “sugary-syrup” that we use for the sweet taste. I’m not too keen on how to make it, because it is pre-made. You might be able to find a recipe online for just regular sugary-syrup, but hell, you could probably toss in some of your own pancake syrup and it might work. The sugar is where you will need to play around.
    Ice, obviously. I’d say roughly 1/2 a cup or 1 cup should suffice, depending on how cold the coffee is. Also, make sure the coffee is Tim Horton’s coffee. Decafe and dark roast will taste different, so if you want the most-normal flavour, go with regular coffee.
    Sorry. A bit of a vague answer, but I can’t spill all the secrets. 😉

  2. If you want the exact same taste, you have to buy the same exact ingredients.
    The sugar is from the Rogers brand, cream from Dairyland (18% cream) and buy the coffee from the Tim Hortons brand.
    You have to make the coffee in advance for it to cool for a few hours. Then you just have to put the cream and the sugar as for your taste.

  3. This has already been answered but I’m going to do it my way. The super detailed way.
    Make a pot of coffee. If we are making it exclusively to make iced coffee then it’ll go straight into a iced coffee bin, where it will cool for 30–60 minutes before we put it in the fridge. Alternatively we will also use coffee that has reached it’s 20 minutes.
    Once the coffee is ready and we get an order for it, we add an amount of cream (or milk if you want) about equal to 2 1/2 shots of the amount we would put in an equal sized coffee.
    Add something called “beverage base.” It’s a very sweet syrup that is used instead of sugar, since sugar doesn’t dissolve well in cold drinks. We add one pump of this per size. (small = 1, med = 2, large = 3)
    Add the coffee up to the top blue line, and STIR. Many people don’t stir. If it’s sweet one sip and not the next it wasn’t stir’d. You can also tell if the bottom is a lighter colour then the rest of the drink.
    Fill with ice to the rim, hand guest a straw, and bid them a good-morning/day/evening/night.

  4. Find some really, really old, over roasted coffee grounds.
    Brew it. The weaker, the better.
    Pour over ice.
    Add lots of sugar.
    Add milk.

  5. Tim’s ice coffee is just that. Brewed coffee that is refrigerated. The base is a simple syrup and coffee cream. You’d have to make your own simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar, boiled til slightly thickened and a caramel color)

  6. There are 2 types of iced coffee 1 .Iced Americano , 2. Iced Latte
    Iced Americano Shot of Espresso , 3/4 Ice cubes of the cup , and fill with mineral water and stirr it it on the rocks, and the 2nd one Iced Latte Shot of Espresso 3/4 th of ice cubes and refill with milk .. and sugar as per your acquirement .


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